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Photo of Angkor Wat with text overlay: Cambodia Places to Visit

15 Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

It’s been a while since I visited Cambodia. That’s why I invited Delilah from www.ourtravelmix.com to cover the best places in Cambodia, since she came back from the country only a few months ago. Already back when I went there myself, Cambodia was already changing. Today, you’ll come across a popular destination with good tourist …

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View of Sydney Opera with Text Overlay

10 Ways to Visit Sydney on a Budget

I’ve been recently getting some more expert advice on places, which I did visit myself in the past, but haven’t covered in-depth. That’s the case with Sydney as well. So today, I have Katie, an Australian by choice (or by accident?) from www.theaccidentalaustralian.com to cover the topic of visiting Sydney inexpensively for me. Let’s hear …

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Interior of Munich Residence Castle Museum with a text overlay saying

5 Best Museums in Munich, Germany

I personally love Munich, it’s one of my favorite cities in Germany. Despite having visited a few times, I never really explored local museums beyond the famous BMW World. That’s why I invited Norman of www.annees-de-pelerinage.com, a Munich native and an art connoisseur, to provide us with his tips on the best museums in Munich. …

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