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Airport Hotel Prague: Review of Aerorooms

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For as long as I can remember, there was no accommodation at the Prague Airport. Then, in 2019, Aerorooms Prague opened!

Once I moved out of Prague, I knew I’d want and need to use it. That time has finally come in 2022.

I’ve been curious about the Airport Prague Hotel for quite a while. Each time I passed by Aero rooms Prague at the Václav Havel Airport, I really wanted to peek in. Once I even tried ringing the bell but the hotel is available only to guests with a reservation.

The 24/7 airport hotel in Prague is the most convenient way to spend the night right at the airport.  

I tried it out (on my own dime) and also read all the 751 reviews on Booking so you don’t have to. :)

Location of Aerorooms Prague

The Aerorooms Airport Hotel is located in the terminal building of the Prague Airport. Once at the airport, you can simply walk to it. There’s no shuttle or anything like that involved.

View of an airport interior - Prague Airport
The extremely convenient location is the best thing about this hotel!

This airport hotel Prague is actually split into two parts – one in the public area and the other in transit. 

The public area of Aerorooms

The part of Aerorooms Prague that can be entered from the public area can be found in the hallway between the first and second terminals. It’s easy to spot – find the KFC by the Exit G and you’ll notice a big Aerorooms sign right next to it.

You cannot enter through this public entrance without a reservation. I guess it does make sense, otherwise, people would keep peeking in curiously all day long. :) 

This entrance is located before the security check. It’s convenient to stay there overnight when you have an early takeoff from Prague Airport. You can arrive the night before, take a shower, snooze… and wake up refreshed and ready for your flight. 

View of an Airport hotel location next to a KFC
Aerorooms Hotel is easy to find – even if you miss the signs, you can’t miss the highly visible KFC.

You’ll then go through the security check. When you check-in is up to you – you can do it either before staying at Aerorooms or after.

To enter Aerorooms, you simply ring the video doorbell and state your reservation number. 

Once you enter, you’ll be navigated by signs through a long corridor to an elevator that’ll take you one floor up. The reception is at a small counter in a hallway where the rooms are.

Transit area of Aerorooms

To enter the hotel from the transit area, simply head to the Departures Hall of Terminal 1. It’s located right after the passport control.

Here, you can walk up to the counter even without having a reservation. 

I haven’t stayed in the transit area part of Aerorooms Prague yet. Once I do, I’ll update this article. 

The Staff

The staff was extremely helpful even before my stay. I had several questions, kept changing my time of arrival etc., and was always treated with respect, even though I didn’t reveal that I was a travel blogger and reviewing the airport hotel.

The lovely receptionist lady looked like a flight attendant who just got a different shift for the day.

The Room 

The hotel features rooms for up to 4 persons. I stayed in a double room by myself. The double room is the smallest kind and is made up of two beds pushed together. If you travel with your partner, you may not love that the mattresses don’t touch but are separated by each of the bed frames.

An interior of a hotel room at Prague Airport
A simple, but tasteful, room.
View of an airport hotel room
Here you can see how it’s two separate beds rather than just one.

The bed was comfortable, with sturdy mattresses of medium softness. Big pillows and comfortable blankets all nicely dressed in fresh-smelling cotton bedsheets made for a cozy feel, which was ideal for snoozing. 

The design of the rooms is simple and has no extras. The bed in the middle is complemented with bedside tables with lights. There was a comfy chair on each side of the bed. A large TV was placed in front of the bed on a TV stand. 

A big painting of a plane hung above the bed. It’s an airport hotel, after all.

Large windows led onto a spacious roof. There wasn’t any view. Just some airport buildings in the back. Heavy drapes could be used to block any daylight when needed. The windows couldn’t be opened for safety reasons.

Guests who’ve stayed in the economy room with no windows reported noisy ventilation. Bear that in mind if you choose that type of room.

The bathroom had a small shower corner with a fixed shower head and a toilet. It took a while for the water to heat up.

Right by the door, you could hang your coat on an Ikea coat hanger with shelves.

Interior of a hotel room in Prague Airport
View from the other side… no extra perks but it works.

And cleanliness? Top-notch. 

Overall, the room was rather spartan-looking, yet didn’t lack anything one would need to get a comfortable sleep. Except if you’re the minibar kind of person. 

As for power outlets, you’ll have one on each side of the bed. However, the bedside lights are plugged into those so you’ll have to unplug them to have your phone charging by your bed. Behind the TV stand, there were two more power outlets.

Looking closely, it’s obvious the Aerorooms Prague hotel was made from a former office space. The ceiling lights and the A/C unit resemble what a typical Czech office would have. Pure white walls added to the office feel.

Historically, there were a few rooms in the transit area of the hotel quite a few years ago but they were intended only for transit passengers.

The Amenities

A baby crib can be provided on request.

A TV is available in each room and there’s also wifi available. 

The bathroom was equipped with a hairdryer and two soap dispensers – one full of shower gel in the shower corner and another on the sink.

View of a bathroom sink and a mirror above - in a hotel room
Hello! Here’s the bathroom :)
View of a shower corner and a toilet in an airport hotel
The other necessary parts of the bathroom.

The room didn’t have any refrigerator or a minibar. There was also no kettle and thus no option to make coffee or tea.

No water bottles were to be found in the room – at least the tap water is safe to drink in the Czech Republic. 

Snacks and drinks, however, can be ordered via reception. Everything is upon request, there are no leaflets or anything available in the room.

Of course, you can exit the hotel to use any of the hotel restaurants, fast food stalls, and the Billa supermarket. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to ring the bell again to get back in.

There’s no breakfast option, not even for a fee. 

A wake-up call is available on request and works well. 

Other Things to Note

You can check-in for the night at 6 pm at the earliest, and the checkout is by 10 am. There’s also a day stay option for half the price.

The hotel is quiet per se and you won’t hear the planes. But, if you have loud guests checking into the room next to yours, it can be disturbing. Sounds from the corridor can be often heard too – it would help if there was a door between the actual sleeping room and the room’s entryway. Use earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

The checkout is fast and easy – you can simply drop your key card into a prepared box and off you go.

It’s not possible to store your luggage at the hotel while you roam elsewhere.

Generally speaking, the hotel is a budget, perhaps mid-range, style. It doesn’t feature any extras but is a good value for the price. To spend the night right at the airport in a comfortable bed for this price is unique.

Mind you, I don’t have that much experience with airport hotels so you can let me know about your experience elsewhere and we can compare!

I hope you’ll have a nice stay at the Aerorooms Airport Hotel, Prague’s first real accommodation within the airport grounds. Spending the night there is a convenient way to get recharged and ready to explore – be it in Prague or anywhere else you’re flying to.

Happy flying!

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