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One Week in Sicily’s East: A Relaxed Itinerary

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If you have a one week in Sicily like I did, you might want to read how we went about it! This Sicily itinerary, however, covers only the East and partially Southeast of Sicily.

Day 1: Arrival, discovering ‘Your’ town

I strongly suggest you base yourself in a small town. The cost of accommodation will be feasible and at the same time you’ll get to experience real Sicilian authenticity without too much touristy ‘fluff’.

We chose Milo, right at the foot of Mount Etna. I admit the choice was rather accidental, but we couldn’t have chosen better.

From other places in the region, I would suggest Zaferana.

Day 2: A cute town nearby

You’re surely based in a region where there’s a lot of picturesque towns nearby. Right? Check with your hotel what other small towns around are worth visiting. Just make sure you know how to get there and back!

We discovered Zaferana that way. Unfortunately, since we didn’t have our rented car yet and there was absolutely no bus to get us back to Milo, we ended up walking. It turned into a fun 1-hour adventure full of drizzle, breathtaking views, barky dogs (behind fences, fortunately) and sweet sweet cherries.

Day 3: Catania

Catania is quite a metropolis and without a doubt the largest city on the eastern coast of Sicily.

Day 4: Siracusa

Now we’re getting to the smaller beautiful towns that are highly popular among tourists. But for a reason!

Day 5: Taormina

Another small-ish town where you can easily spend a day and have a well rounded experience. That’s Taormina, my favorite place.

Day 6: Etna & Beach

You can’t spend a week in Eastern Sicily and not attempt to hike Etna! Not even when the weather seems to be against you.

Day 7: Noto & last local experience

Let’s take the last day easy. Revisit places nearby you fell in love with, give goodbyes to your cute town and relax before a trip back home.


This is briefly an ideal weeklong Eastern Sicily itinerary. How about you? Have you been to Sicily? What did you manage to see?


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