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Koh Phangan – a Tropical Escape for All the Senses

This post has been written in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Visiting Koh Phangan, the lovely little sister island to Koh Samui, is a diverse sensory experience. You can see, hear, smell, taste, touch and even feel what it’s like once you set your foot on the magical land.

Experience Koh Phangan through the five senses and let it get under your skin. This indeed happened to me when I lived on the island for 6 months. Even though my day-to-day routine was not too exciting (I worked a lot), the sensory encounters made my work-cation extraordinary.

Let me take you on a trip down Tropical Memory Lane. 

And a little word of caution – these recommendations on enjoying Koh Phangan are absolutely subjective. I feel like they represent the perfect blend of local features, as well as experiences via expat-run businesses, but I may be biased.

See Koh Phangan

How to really see Koh Phangan? To experience the island truly, you need to get out of your Koh Phangan resort and see beyond the island’s gorgeous beaches. 

If you focus on the following attributes, you’ll be able to see Koh Phangan from all sides. 

See: the Lush Greenery

Have you noticed how green the island is? Some sources claim the greenery makes up 70% of it! If you look at Koh Phangan on the map, you’ll notice most of its inland part, especially towards the East, is all green.

Greenery in Koh Phangan
Insane greenery views.. We often couldn’t help it and just stopped and stared.

I personally love the coconut lanes too and we spent a great deal of time just going for rides on smaller roads with no traffic, and a lot of greenery around. This, for me, was one of the best Koh Phangan things to do on free afternoons.

See: the Most Amazing Views

Some parts of Koh Phangan do get hilly. That’s a good thing since we can enjoy those mesmerizing views. Some come even just as you drive on the big roads. 

E.g. going from Sri Thanu to Haad Yao on the Coastal Road leads through a hilltop spot where people often decide to stop for a while and watch in awe. 

View of a bay in Koh Phangan Thailand from a mountain peak
View of Chaloklum Bay from the top of Khao Raa

Even when going on the Middle Road towards Chaloklum, you’ll be able to see the bay below. It’s wonderful, especially if you’re not the one driving, just the one riding along.

Koh Phangan features several hiking trails, which all offer stunning views. I loved both hiking trails to Bottle Beach, as well as a hike to Khao Raa, the highest peak of the island. 

See: the Gorgeous Sunsets

You couldn’t say you’ve been to Koh Phangan if your camera roll is not loaded with amazing sunset shots. Koh Phangan is blessed with just the perfect position to enjoy fabulous sunsets from almost anywhere on the Western Coast. Be it from any beach from Hin Kong to Haad Yao, you’re sure to be awestruck.

View of sunset from a viewpoint in Koh Phangan Thailand
Sunset at Three Sixty Bar

Koh Phangan has its fair share of rooftop bars, which give you not just the sunset, but also a breathtaking view of the landscapes below. Try e.g. Secret Mountain Bar or Three Sixty Bar. They’re the best I’ve been to.

See: the Underwater World

It’s no secret Koh Phangan features some of the best diving opportunities in the Gulf of Thailand. The famous Sail Rock diving site is located an hour away from Koh Phangan. It explodes with marine life and is well worth seeing if you dive.

Fish, corals and sea anemone in Mae Haad Beach in Koh Phangan
The underwater world at Mae Haad is so rich..! My bad photos don’t do it justice.

The snorkelers among you, fear not – you can see Koh Phangan’s rich underwater life even when snorkeling by the coast. My absolute favorite area for that is Koh Ma / Mae Haad. The longer side of the beach is beaming with various colorful anemones and corals. Visit at low tide for the best accessibility and visibility. And be careful where you step!

See: the Street Art

With Koh Phangan being a cool laid-back island, there’s a good amount of tattoo artists as well as street artists (I believe the two go hand in hand).

A mural in Thong Sala Koh Phangan
There are many pretty murals such as this one in Thong Sala

The best displays of street art can be found in Thong Sala, the main village on the island located in the middle of the island along the west coast. Just stroll the streets and you’ll always encounter a mural or two. This is yet another side of Koh Phangan that’s easy to miss.

See: the Cheeky Monkeys

Observe the cheeky monkeys in the wild. They are not easy to find, but they often hang out at the end of the road where the Bottle Beach hikes start.

Monkeys in Koh Phangan
Monkeys in their habitat – just observing. Much better than aggressive ones at touristy spots (not on Koh Phangan)

If you stay quiet and don’t move, they’ll eventually emerge and behave like no one’s watching.

Experience Koh Phangan responsibly:

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It can be arranged even if you’re already on the road. It’s affordable, too – the price starts at $42 for 4 weeks.

Hear Koh Phangan

Hearing can be a powerful sense in Koh Phangan. Tune in to these sounds:

Hear: the Sound of Waves Crushing

Waves bring about such diverse sounds if you listen closely… From the mild splashing experienced in calm bays such as Haad Yao or Haad Sri Thanu to violent lion-like roars at Than Sadet Beach.

View of Than Sadet Beach
The beautiful wild Than Sadet Beach in the East of Koh Phangan

In every case, it’s one of the most meditative sounds.

Hear: the Rustling of Palm Leaves

View of palm trees on a shore in Koh Phangan
You should hear the palms! So soothing.

To hear the palms rustling while everything else is quiet is almost an eerie experience. Hear it even louder when away from the ocean.

Be it at long coconut groves or high up on a hill (e.g. at the beginning of the hike to Bottle Beach), let the wind sounds blow by and relax.

Hear: the Sound of a Heavy Tropical Rain

Whoa, those tropical rains and storms – their loudness took me by surprise. It’s one thing to watch in awe the ropes of water falling from the sky and another to hear the loud drumming on the roof all night. 

Waterfall in Koh Phangan
Without heavy rains there are no waterfalls!
Veronika in tropical rain
When tropical rain catches you by surprise..

In one way or another, it is an experience that belongs to staying on a tropical island and one we should cherish. It’s Mother Nature drinking and feeding her waterfalls.

Hear: the Monk Chanting a Prayer

View of a Thai Buddhist temple in Koh Phangan
Chaloklum’s active temple – you could hear chanting from there quite often.

What music to the ears, to hear the monk chant a prayer… If you walk by an active temple in the late afternoon, you might come across a group prayer. While it would be disrespectful to enter, you can just hang out at the temple grounds and listen quietly.

The chanting is often put on speakers so you’re sure to hear well. I find the monotonous chanting incredibly calming.

Hear: the Deafening Sounds of a Local Festival

Thais like it loud and it shows at the local festivals. Everybody is cheerful, there is a lot of stuff to buy and the performances they put up on the stage are culturally interesting (traditional dancing!) and very, very loud.

Thai festival in Koh Phangan
Local Festivals in Koh Phangan often take temples as venues.

And that’s how it should be. At a proper local festival, you should just gaze at the performance and not even think of chatting with your pals. 

Hear: Zen Beach Upon Sunset

Many foreigners live in Koh Phangan, especially in the Sri Thanu area. Many practice yoga, others are digital nomads, many are spiritually oriented… and they get together to watch the sun go down on Zen Beach. 

People gathered at a beach upon sunset
Zen Beach upon sunset – Lively atmosphere, music and chitchat

Every day, there’s a circle of people singing, playing various instruments, dancing, juggling, playing with fire.. all you could imagine is there. It’s an absolutely unique side of the multi-faceted Koh Phangan. 

Hear: Animal Mating Sounds

The cute little geckos that run everywhere wild and free (and protect your place from insects), can get quite loud. Especially at a time when they’re attracting mates. It’s a sound nobody would intuitively attribute to the little creatures. 

A profile view of a toad on a staircase
This toad blocked the stairs of our house!
Tail of a gecko
Geckos are everywhere in Koh Phangan! They’re shy, though. This one thought I didn’t see him :)

This can sound surprising but if you do come in frog mating season (October-November), you have to get out at dusk and listen to those sounds! I never heard frogs (and toads?) croak like that.

One particular type of frog sounds like a strange human. You have to hear it with your own ears. :) Any large flat area is a breeding ground for eager frogs.

Hear: the Full Moon Festival

Many people come to Koh Phangan only to join in the big party that the Full Moon brings to Haad Rin in the Southeast. As you can already see from this long list, it’s not enough. But to each their own.

Sign made out of fire spelling "Full Moon Festival Haad Rin Koh Phangan"
Fire forms an inseparable part of every Full Moon party

The Full Moon Festival belongs to Koh Phangan and is a part of the local way of life and can’t be missing from this sensory list.

Smell Koh Phangan

It is said that smell is one of the most important senses that we tend to keep for granted. Try losing it though, and the whole world becomes bland. The following smells and fragrances characterize Koh Phangan for me:

Smell: the Incense

Wat Phu Khao Noi temple in Koh Phangan
Wat Phu Khao Noi temple in Koh Phangan

When walking quietly on any temple grounds in Koh Phangan, you’ll smell incense burning to ward off evil spirits and keeping the space pure. I loved the peaceful and quiet premises of the oldest temple in Koh Phangan – Wat Phu Khao Noi. 

But since you’re in Koh Phangan, you can smell burning incense at another typical venue – a yoga studio. That’s right, Koh Phangan’s modern spiritual side shows in the high number of yoga centers. If you visit just one, make it Orion Healing Center with an excellent café serving healthy food and drinks.

It makes it so much easier to stay healthy on the road when you eat at places like Orion!

Smell: the Markets

The delicious smell of Koh Phangan’s food markets will make you drool no matter if you’re hungry or not. Especially meat-eaters will feel like they’re in heaven since roasted meat can be smelled from far away.

Market in Koh Phangan Thailand
Phantip Market in Thong Sala

Visit the Phantip market in Thong Sala on any evening to see (smell) what I’m talking about.

Smell: Freshly Roasted Coffee

Koh Phangan coffee culture is strong, especially for its size. There are several roasters on the island. BakeSense in Hin Kong belongs to one of a few locally run roasters. It’s also a lovely café. 

Expat-run Bubba’s is the biggest roaster on the island and they have two café locations in Koh Phangan – in Baan Tai and Haad Yao.  

Two perfect cups of cappuccino
The best coffee on the island: Bubba’s!
A napping cat and a lady at a café
Chilled scene at BakeSense Café

The smell of fresh coffee permeates the island throughout. Most cafés also provide a great working environment.

Smell: Frangipani

A baby frangipani plant
A little baby frangipani plant

I have my nose trained for the frangipani tree since I had its flowers in my wedding bouquet. You can find the sweet-smelling white or pink blossoms all over the island, growing randomly.

Known also as plumeria, the plant comes originally from the Americas but grows well in all tropical locations.

Smell: Sweet Exotic Fruits

Oh, that sweet smell of perfectly ripe mangoes and papayas.. I couldn’t get enough. While you’re at Koh Phangan, you need to smell (and then taste) all possible local fruits.

Fruit stand with exotic fruits
My favorite fruit stand in Hin Kong

Also dragon fruit (pitaya) and mangosteen are amazing. Mangosteen tastes best when it’s in season – from May to August/September.

Generally, fruit in Thailand is amazing and you should smell it all! Including durian. ;)

Taste Koh Phangan

You can experience the lovely island of Koh Phangan also through your taste buds. How? Below you’ll find the typical flavors of Koh Phangan. It includes some non-Thai flavors too because we live in a global world and it shows in Koh Phangan as well.

Taste: Fresh Coconuts

They are everywhere and they’re amazing. Some say young coconut water is extremely nourishing and contains all the right electrolytes for the body. I find refrigerated coconut to be the most refreshing drink on a hot day.

A hand holding a fresh coconut on a beach
A fresh coconut enjoyed at Bottle Beach

Don’t just drink it and toss it, though! The coconut “meat” is usually easily scoop-able and delicious too.

Taste: Mango Sticky Rice

The classic Thai sweet dish is a staple on Koh Phangan. I love having it at the Pantip Market in Thong Sala. The “Mango Sticky Rice Lady” is always there, always smiling and ready to serve you a portion of the sweet treat. 

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Sticky Rice from Phantip Market

Taste: Dumplings at 7-11

Ok, this one is not the highest gastronomic experience, but if you like following local ways, just get a skewer with shrimp/crab dumplings at 7-11. They are yummy!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo. I never thought about photographing them!

Taste: Catch of the Day

A few local restaurants prepare fish on a daily basis. The best I’ve had on the island was at Pum Pui, a popular Thai restaurant right on the Middle Road. They sell them out almost every day! 

Deep fried fish served with herbs and cashew nuts at a Thai restaurant
Delicious fish at Pum Pui Restaurant

Taste: Deep-fried Seafood

Deep fried calamari
Deep fried calamari from Vitamin Sea

Deep frying local seafood is not a very Thai thing to do, but if you combine Thai cooking with a bit of an Italian flare, you get delicious food. I absolutely looooved fried calamari at Vitamin Sea Restaurant in Hin Kong.

A local girl named Emily owns the little place – she learned the tricks of Italian cuisine from her Italian boyfriend, who’s a chef on the island too. 

Taste: Pizza

I know, pizza is not a typical Thai food. Still, there are such good pizzerias in Koh Phangan, that it would be a major shame to leave them out. I swear by truffle pizza from Romanza Restaurant in Hin Kong and a simple Margarita from Mandolino in Tong Sala. Yum!

Pizza at Mandolino

Taste: Vegan Yumminess

Vegan food at Orion Healing Center Koh Phangan
Vegan deliciousness at Orion

Even meat-eaters can enjoy having a vegan meal when it’s prepared to perfection. With Koh Phangan being such a yoga & mindfulness hub, there’s no shortage of outstanding vegan restaurants. 

I love Orion, a café and a healing center in one, just on the edge of Sri Thanu. 

Seed to Feed is another excellent choice. They grow their organic veggies and serve meat too, the restaurant is more than vegan-friendly.

Taste: Butterfly Pea Tea

Glasses of Thai Butterfly Pea Tea
Magical Butterfly Pea Tea. The original is on the right, the version with lime on the left.

You have to not just taste, but also experiment with, this unique Thai tea. Made of dark blue blossoms of a special type of local pea, the tea is initially as blue as ink. But drop a piece of lemon or lime into it and it changes into purple. It’s lovely, fun, and rich. 

The Pea Tea is served only at a few cafés and restaurants – I remember having it at Cookie’s and La Vela in Sri Thanu, at Chana Masala in Hin Kong, or at Anutta on the Middle Road. 

The pea grows wildly anywhere, and you can buy it on most local markets – be it at the Saturday Walking Street Market in Thong Sala or the Sunday Market in Chaloklaam.

Taste: Local Ice cream

Ice cream cone with a view of Thong Sala village in Koh Phangan
A scoop of mango ice cream please!

The best and cutest ice cream parlor in Koh Phangan, called Satimi’s Ice Cream, can be found in the little side streets of Thong Sala. 

The friendly girl from Satimi will serve you any of the many flavors on display and if you’re not sure, you can always try a few samples first. 

If you don’t want your ice cream to melt too fast, don’t walk out the door just yet and enjoy it inside. :)

Touch & Feel Koh Phangan

Everything else that you can experience in Koh Phangan can be lumped under the last sense – touch. I add feel too because some things just can’t be touched. 

Touch: the Soft Sand

I could caress the sand forever. 

The especially soft and smooth sand can be found at the Haad Yao Beach. It’s fun to roll around in and crabs like it too.

Patterns in the sand made by crabs
Sand artwork created by little crabs
Feet in the sand
The sand at Haad Yao Beach.. incredibly smooth.

Especially towards the southern end of the beach, you’ll find a mosaic of tiny sand balls that crabs produce when they’re sifting through sand grains to find food. It’s beautiful.

Touch: the Fur of a Local Stray

Stray dogs are everywhere in Koh Phangan. You can often come across them taking a nap right in the middle of the road, or chasing after every scooter that passes by.

They are an everyday reality in Koh Phangan. I don’t suggest you pet every dog on the street, since some do bite. 

Animal rescue Koh Phangan
PACS and one of their patients

But do pay a visit to PACS, Phangan Animal Care for Strays. They take in local injured/ill dogs and cats and help them get back on their feet. Often literally.

You’re welcome to visit PACS, take a tour, play with the dogs in care and even take one or two for a walk. If you can donate some cash to contribute towards the running of this non-profit, it will be more than welcome. 

Touch: the Giant Pig at the Beach

Yes, you heard that right. You can pet a beach pig. :) There are two pet pigs on the island that I know about. One can be found in Coral Bay Bar at the Beach of the same name (Haad Khom in Thai). It’s her and her name is Dukdik. :) She loves being petted!

Pig on a beach
Dukdik taking a nap
Pig on a beach
Haad Yao Beach pig

Another is often walking around Haad Yao beach, munching on seaweed. You can find it near the diving center. 

Be Touched: at a Thai Massage

Thai massage is alive and kicking on Koh Phangan and many people who stay there long-term go regularly. If you can bear the traditional Thai deep tissue massage, which can be quite painful, make an appointment at Revive near the Middle Road.

Revive Massage Center Koh Phangan
Revive Massage Center – best for the real Thai Massage

For a softer massage, you can pay a visit to Cosmic Energy Spa & Massage run by a local lady and her family. It’s in Sri Thanu, just opposite the Coconut Yoghurt shop.

Feel: the Wind in Your Hair

Take a boat ride and enjoy feeling the wind in your hair. Boat taxis can be found at many places around Koh Phangan. One of the most popular rides is from the fishing village of Chaloklaam (Chaloklum) to the hidden Bottle Beach. On a windy day, the 15-minute ride is filled with some extra adrenaline.

A boat approaching a beach
A taxi boat pulling off to Haad Khom Beach

On the other hand – you shouldn’t feel the wind in your hair while riding a scooter to get around. Helmet wearing is compulsory and necessary.

Feel: Like a Local During Loi Krathong Festival

A basket for Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand
Loi Krathong basket.. now let’s make a wish and send it off.

The Festival takes place in November and is celebrated throughout Thailand. On the day of the festival, locals make decorated baskets, which they float on water once dusk sets in. 

You can buy the baskets on every corner. Just choose one made with bread or banana leaves as the base, in order not to pollute the ocean. You send your basket out onto the ocean while making a wish. It’s a beautiful ceremony.

In Koh Phangan, the main beach at Thong Sala gets busy with people floating their little baskets. We even got invited over for a free meal to share with the locals. It’s a memory I’ll always cherish.

Feel: at Peace During a Yoga Practice

Koh Phangan is one of the top yoga hotspots in Southeast Asia. Whether you practice yoga regularly or just want to give it a go, you’ll have plenty of options. 

Flying yoga
At peace…

I personally enjoyed the Orion Healing Center, where they even have my favorite flying yoga, but there are many more centers to peruse.

Feel: Adventurous and Fly in a Boat

I’m not joking – there’s a boat flying in Koh Phangan. It’s called “The Flying Boat” and it’s a boat with a hang-glider, which starts out in the water and then ascends to the sky!

Beach scene
See the fly-like thing in the middle? That’s the flying boat up in the air!

I haven’t done it myself yet, but a friend did and she loved it.

Feel: the Cool Water

Your senses will truly awaken if you get in the cool waters of Koh Phangan. Especially during the rainy season, even the ocean is cool, especially in the morning.

View of Haad Salad Beach Koh Phangan
At Haad Salad Beach during the rainy season – the water was a little cool!

For some extra coolness, visit one of the main waterfalls after heavy rainfall. Many feature a small pool you can hop into. I can recommend Phaeng waterfall for that.

If you take the time to experience Koh Phangan through all your five senses, it’ll get under your skin. In a good way! It happened to me too. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recipe for experiencing the lovely paradise island and do let me know if you feel I’ve missed anything!

If you too are itching to visit Thailand (again), you can dream about the Land of Smiles with the help of Fanclub Thailand, a UK & Ireland online magazine by Tourism Thailand. 

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Photo of a sunset in Koh Phangan with text overlay: Koh Phangan for all the senses

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