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7 Nice Day Trips from Nice

Are you planning a trip to Nice, France? Congratulations on your decision, you’re going to have an awesome time! Elton John and Brigitte Bardot have homes in the area for a reason!

The whole region Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur, however, features some other amazing cities that you shouldn’t miss! I’d suggest that you dedicate 3 days for Nice and use the rest of your time to exploring the surrounding areas taking plenty of day trips from Nice.

If you’re looking for a private day tour from Nice to explore the French Riviera, this one is one of the best you can get and it can even be tailored to your needs.

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Scooter trips?

You’ll be driving by the coastline a lot so if you’re visiting in warmer months, you might consider renting a scooter instead of a car. The rides are incredibly scenic and you can enjoy the views much better if you’re riding on a scooter, like a real French person :)

By Bus or by Train?

Many of the towns are accessible by public transport. It’s possible to get by bus anywhere too, but the bus routes are long and take so much longer than trains. So if you’re not driving, use the convenient train network. As you’ll see below, there’s one exception among these Nice day trips: Saint Paul de Vence.

Here is my list of the best day trips from Nice France by train and various other means of transport. We stayed in Nice for a couple of weeks and thus had a lot of time to explore the surrounding areas.

I’ll also suggest some highly rated tours, in case you like exploring places that way. Tours covering several cities (always out of Nice) are in a map at the end of this post.


8min / 8min / 7min

Nice – Villefranche distance: 8 km / 5 miles

Update 2021: I finally wrote about all the things to do in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Click to read. 🙂

The charming little village of Villefranche neighbors with Nice. The ride is short and many residents of Nice come here for Villefranche’s pebble beach, with pebbles much smoother than Nice’s rocks.

You can have a delicious lunch at a classy restaurant with a view of the sea, then enjoy walking up and down the charming streets while you digest.

There’s a 16th-century Citadel with a great lookout points also, and it’s usually quite empty. You’ll be able to get grand views of the sea, with frequent cruise ships anchoring in nearby waters.

The distance from Nice is even walkable, if you feel up for it you should manage the hike in under an hour.

This is by far the easiest day trip from Nice. You can spend a full day in Villefranche, or even a few hours would do.

You can also take this 4 hour tour, during which you’ll get a tour of Villefranche and will be able to see some villas from up close.

Villefranche sur Mer is one of the easiest Nice France day trips

Villefranche can also get busy with tourists. It’s a stone throw’s away from Nice, after all!

View of Villefranche sur Mer - one of the easiest Nice day trips

View of Villefranche sur Mer. The railway leads straight to Nice.


20 min / 20 min / 23 min

Nice – Monaco distance: 22 km / 14 miles

The ride to Monaco is beautiful! If you’re on a scooter, don’t forget to stop often on the way and take photos :)

Monaco definitely cannot be missed. Not only because it’s the second smallest country in the world, but also because of the grand casinos and unbelievably luxurious yachts.

You should definitely spend some time at the port just admiring the gorgeous polished yachts and thinking what a burden it would be to own one (kidding!).

If you’re an F1 fan, schedule your trip for the time when the Grand Prix takes place in Monaco.

Walking up to the royal castle and strolling around the area is not a bad idea either. This upper part of town is the nicest in the late afternoon when shadows become long.

As lavish as Monaco can sometimes be, there’s an option to fly a helicopter to get from Nice to Monaco.

As Monte Carlo is a multi-level city, everybody uses elevators to get up and down the hills, so if you want to experience how locals navigate around their city, this is something you should definitely try out.

On you travel from Nice to Monaco, stop in Eze, another beautiful coastal village. I would definitely suggest visiting Monaco on a Nice day trip rather than staying overnight.

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Sainte Devote Church Monaco

You need to visit Monaco while in Nice. It’s a unique country! Here in front of the Sainte Devote Church.

Monaco Bay in Monte Carlo - one of great day trips Nice

Monaco Bay in Monte Carlo.. Some of the yachts are incredible!


28 min / 28 min / 26 min

Nice – Cannes distance: 33 km / 21 miles

Even if you’re a hardcore backpacker and hate glamour and flashy style, you should still make a day trip to Cannes from Nice and allow yourself to be seduced by the city of the rich and famous.

Le Suquet, the old town elevated on a hill above the city offers the finest views and the waterfront avenue lined with palm trees is pleasant to stroll. No trip to Cannes would be complete without that.

The city itself is a labyrinth of small winding streets and the overall ambiance is welcoming. Beware of the Film Festival, though! That’s when Cannes turns crowded and chaotic.

Nice to Cannes day trip can be easily done on a scooter and I can highly recommend it!

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View of Cannes from Le Suquet - Day trip from Nice France

View of Cannes from Le Suquet


24 min / 24 min / 29 min

Nice – Antibes distance: 23 km / 14 miles
Perhaps you’ll find Antibes as inspirational as the French writer Guy de Maupassant did!

Even today, this city by the sea is infused with history. The archeological museum housed in a 17th-century fortress and Picasso’s museum housing one of his two biggest collections, are the best examples of what art and history has meant for Antibes.

Juan les Pins is a town in the commune of Antibes and the beaches around it will convince everybody to get a soak.

You can use any means of transport you like to get from Nice to Antibes, but I must recommend the scooter again! :)

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An old fortress in Antibes France

An old fortress in Antibes


24 min / 39 min

Nice – Menton distance: 30 km / 19 miles

Menton became famous mainly for its yearly lemon festival, or Fête du Citron. The festival celebrates locally grown lemons, and is indeed a showcase of creativity – you wouldn’t believe what giant statues and designs one can make with lemons!

Outside the February festival time, the city is quite relaxed. However, there can still be all kinds of events going on – we witnessed a meet up of old American cars & Harley Davidsons during our visit.

Old French buildings breathe magic like almost every city on the French Riviera. Walk the streets, don’t try to resist the numerous candy shops and finish the day off at the little beach, preferably with an ice cream! An impressive Basilica St. Michel towers over the beach and guess what…it offers great views :)

So as not to feel the kilometres in your feet, invest in good walking shoes.

The road from Nice to Menton is mostly highway, that’s why I don’t recommend using the scooter.

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Menton Beach - one of the best day trips Nice France

Menton Beach on a day trip from Nice

Houses by the main beach in Menton

Houses by the main beach in Menton

Showcase of old cars in Menton Framce

While visiting Menton, we were lucky to come at a time of a showcase of old cars :)


40 min / 1h 12 min

Nice – Grasse distance: 44 km / 27 miles

Grasse is a special place thanks to its perfume making tradition. Have you seen the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? The scenes are set here! Even though the actual shooting was done in many other places. I wrote about it here.

The streets are beautifully winding around nice little squares with a large number of galleries and perfume shops. The famous Fragonard perfumery is located here. Pay a visit to this big one or any of the smaller perfumeries – for example Galimard or Molinard.

The art of perfume making is indeed fascinating and they have perfected the craft right there, in Grasse.

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Fragonard Grasse France

Fragonard: The most famous perfurmery of Grasse

Grasse - one of the most pleasant day tours from Nice France

Grasse is not just perfumes but also unique architecture.

St. Paul de Vence

21 min / 56 min

Nice – St. Paul de Vence distance: 19 km / 12 miles

St. Paul de Vence is a little medieval town sitting on top of a hill. It does look picturesque. It has a lot of smaller art galleries and museums, but I found just strolling with an ice cream cone in hand to be the best pastime there.

Many French artists lived in the area, such as Chagall. Oh, and former Rolling Stones bassist has one of his homes there! That does justify a visit, doesn’t it ;)

Click here to check out a Wine Day Tour from Nice featuring St. Paul de Vence


South of France village St. Paul de Vence

A tiny village perched atop a hill. A trip to St. Paul de Vence balances out all the beachside tours :)

Charming little squares in Saint Paul de Vence on a day trip from Nice France

Charming little squares in Saint Paul de Vence

Bonus t(r)ip: Lavender fields

Especially if you don’t have plans to hang out for a couple days in Provence, you could use a day trip from Nice to lavender fields. Everyone needs to see those, right? Well, don’t judge, but I didn’t :D It’s actually not so easy near Nice.

The best region for lavender is Provence. See a detailed guide on lavender fields in Provence.

Nevertheless, I’ve researched lavender fields near Nice. First of all, you should be aware that lavender is not traditionally grown in the Riviera region.

The closest you can get to lavender is North of Grasse. However, most of the lavender grown on Grasse lavender fields is of the wild variety, not the perfectly groomed ones you know from photos.

The safest option is to take a lavender tour from Nice. There are Provence lavender tours from Nice that take 9 hours and during which you’ll visit some nice areas of Provence, including Aix en Provence.

Click here to check the price and availability of Provence Lavender Tour from Nice

Lavender blooms from June until the end of July, sometimes possibly even in August. Each year it’s a little different, depending on the current climate conditions.

Lavender Fields

Do you long to see the lavender fields..? I get it..

Of course there are many more places you can visit on several day tours from Nice, especially if you decide to drive further away. For example, Saint Tropez, Aix en Provence, Marseille are all worth exploring.

In case you’re interested even in taking a day trip to Italy from Nice, the Italian Riviera is not far either and can be easily visited in a day. Like on this tour, in which they’ll take you through the picturesque spots. It’s a group tour and you’ll share a minibus with other people.

Best Day Trips from Nice Map

Here’s a map of the area around Nice and 5 selected excursions from Nice covering more than one town, but always departing from Nice. This is just an image, but if you click it, it’ll take you to the Google map with all the tours marked. Then you can click on each mark to learn more.

Map of trips around Nice France

Would you rather indulge in a private tour that could be fully customized to your needs? Here’s a high-rated one.

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And finally, French Riviera and the neighboring Provence are beautiful any time of the year. If you long for photos in purple lavender fields, head there in the summer. Anytime from spring to autumn is going to be ideal. Early summer is my favorite time of year to visit, and it’s just perfect for touring on a scooter!

Bon Voyage! (that’s “Have a nice trip” in French)

Have you ever visited the South of France? If so, what places did you go to and what was your favourite one?

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Best day trips from Nice, France

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Saturday 13th of July 2019

This is an excellent list of day trips from Nice. I visited all apart from Grasse and Menton. Your list comes highly recommended. Just makes me want to go back! Great read. Well done.

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