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Corsica’s Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches

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Images of Corsica always show the beautiful beaches with white sand. Well, guess what – you can arrive to Corsica and see only dark brown sand that’s not as appealing to the eyes as the pure whiteness.

To enjoy Corsica’s white beaches, you need to know where to go.

You’ll be probably staying close to one of the cities that have airports or ferry connections. You can fly to Ajaccio in the Southwest, Bastia in the North, or to one of the smaller airports in Calvi (Northwest) and Figari (South). Ferries from France or Italy would take you to Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and additionally to Ille Rousse (close to Calvi) and Propriano and Porto Vecchio in the South.

Below is a list of beautiful white beaches around these ferry ports and airports. We left out the not-so-white ones.


Lodu beach, Corsica

Lodu/Lotu/Loto beach, Corsica

The beautiful white-sand beaches close to Bastia are all quite hard to access, as they are surrounded by desert – Désert des Agriates. The two most famous beaches there are Plage de Loto (Plage du Lodu/Lotu) and Plage de Saleccia. You can get there either by hiking for a few hours from St. Florent or on a 4×4 vehicle. Definitely more convenient option for the lazier among us is to take a ferry. Boats to both Lotu and Saleccia depart from St. Florent’s port. There are no amenities on these two beaches, so bring all your food and drinks with you and don’t count with any sunshade. Btw. the village of St. Florent is a beautiful one, not to be missed on the way to/from the beach!

Calvi, Ille Rousse

The city of Calvi has its own white-sand beach. The sand is not as white as in the Agriates, but it’s still very close to the perfect white mix. The water there is pretty shallow and without any big waves, so it’s perfect for families. It gets very busy in the summer months.

Apparently, near Ille Rousse there’s a beach called Plage de Rindara that should also qualify in terms of our whitish sand criteria. It’s 3 km away from Ille Rousse.


Marinella beach Corsica

Marinella beach (Photo credit: www.corsica.net)

On the outskirts of Ajaccio, there are many little white-sand beaches, many of which belong to private resorts. There is also the famous Marinella beach with fine whitish sand and crystal-clear water.


Driving along the coast south from Propriano will get you to Arena Bianca beach, as white as its name suggests. Further down, actually on the way to Bonifacio, there’s the Roccapina beach. The 2.5 km long dirt track that leads to the beach is not an ideal driveway if you don’t have a four-wheeler. It’s walkable, though, and well worth it. The water is quite shallow and ideal for kids. There’s a famous granite rock formed in the shape of a lion overlooking the beach. As with most hardly accessible beaches, there are no amenities, neither a sunshade.

Roccapina beach Corsica

Roccapina beach (Photo credit: www.tripadvisor.fr)

Figari, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio

Most of the gorgeous beaches in this area are located in between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. This area is full of beautiful white beaches. Among the most notable ones are:

La Palombaggia: This beach aspires to be the best on Corsica and one of the Top 10 in Europe. Its popularity makes it often too crowded, especially in the high season. Arrive early and secure a good spot, ideally by the pine trees that line the beach. There are water sports and lifeguards, so this beach is good for families with kids as well.

Santa Giulia: Santa Giulia beach is of a very similar nature as Palombaggia. It’s beautifully white, guarded in the high season, busy with families. It’s in a lagoon and boats often park here, but that’s not a problem as the area for swimming is well cordoned off.

Rondinara beach Corsica

Rondinara beach (Photo credit: www.panoramio.com)

La Rondinara: The Rondinara Bay is a long strand of beautiful white-sand beach. The bay is in a protected nature reserve and the postcard-like shape of it makes it an ideal target for aerial photos. Cows can often be seen walking around the beaches here, even in the summer. There’s a campsite only 400 metres away!

North of Porto Vecchio, the Pinarello beach is not to be missed. Situated in a bay and surrounded by a pine forest, it definitely should be on your list if you’re in the area. Occasionally, sea grass gets washed up on the beach but simply stepping over it will not inhibit your experience.

If you’ve got a few days on Corsica, it pays off to go see at least one of the beautiful white-sand beaches. It doesn’t happen very often that you’d go to a beach in Europe and feel like you’re in the Caribbean!



Have you been to any of the beaches described here? Did you absolutely love it?

Don’t you worry fellow pinners. Here’s a pinnable image for you!

The best white sand beaches you can find in Corsica


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Jenny Bowie

Sunday 6th of August 2017

In Corsica right now and hope to fine Arena Bianca tomorrow, great info thank you


Sunday 6th of August 2017

Thanks, Jenny! Good luck with finding it and enjoy the white sand :)


Wednesday 31st of August 2016

I'm keen to see Corsica one day so I'll bookmark this for future reference. Looks wonderful!


Tuesday 15th of July 2014

Thanks! Corsica is indeed awesome.. I definitely want to go back :)

Packing my Suitcase

Tuesday 15th of July 2014

Great post and amazing place! These tips will be very helpful to me... I hope to visit this small paradise soon! :)