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Best Travel Gifts for Him: No Nonsense 2024 Guide

Whether you’re preparing for Christmas or a Birthday of your dear one, are you stuck wondering what the best travel gifts for him may be?

While most online gift guides offer way too many items, I focused on the most universal travel gifts for men. These include best gifts for business travelers, the best luxury travel gifts for him, and unique travel gifts for him.

My experience has been that men don’t care for things like neck pillows and packing cubes. I may be generalizing here but I believe if you choose something from the list below instead, you’ll be way more successful.

At the same time, you won’t find super specific things like camera straps or backpacks, because there are so many different styles and everyone has their own preference. 

In the list below, if you sense the man in your life might be interested in a particular gift, you won’t have to go through different variants of the product other than color. Easy peasy!

THE Best Travel Gift for Him: Power Bank

Every traveling man must have a proper power bank. Men often like gadgets and a good power bank to keep him charged up while he’s on the go can be a life saver.

The Anker is the best portable charger for travel that you can find nowadays.

Especially if you’re unsure what to get him, this is a sure-proof men’s travel gift idea. Unless he already has it, of course.

Overview of the Best Travel Gifts for Him

These best travel gifts for men are ordered by price from highest to lowest. If you have a low budget, keep scrolling. 

Name Picture Colors / Patterns Price Guide More Details
DJI Camera Drone $$$ Check prices
GoPro Hero $$$ Check prices
Power Bank by Anker Black or white $$ Check prices
Aeropress Travel Coffee Press $$ Check prices
Apple AirTag
$$ Check prices
Toiletry Bag by Fitdom $$ Check prices
Travel Adapter by Epicka $ Check prices
Titanium Spork $ Check prices
Microfiber Towel by Rainleaf 11 colors $ Check prices
Passport Case by ACdream 29 colors / patterns $ Check prices
Waterproof Phone Pouch by MoKo 8 colors $ Check prices
Bandaids a.k.a. Bravery Badges by Welly $ Check prices

What to Consider When Choosing Gifts for the Traveling Man

To be honest, there’s a lot to consider when choosing gifts for men that travel a lot. Just like with any gift, you’ll need to think about things like your relationship, your budget, and what kind of gifts you give each other usually, so as not to mismatch the value of the gift. Just the basics of the art of gift giving.

Also, when it comes to travel gifts for guys, you’ll need to evaluate his travel style. Some men are backpackers, relishing in low-cost traveling and they might be hesitant to receive a drone and possibly not use it because they feel like it’s an extravagance. 

On the other hand, if you’re choosing gifts for frequent business travelers then you won’t want to get him a fire starter, because he won’t need it at his meetings. You get the gist.

Don’t forget to also reflect on his personality when choosing travel gifts for him, and whether he’s more practical or if he cares about style. 

Check out also my other reviews of travel-related products:

So without further ado let’s now look at some gifts for the traveling man in your life:

Review of the Top Travel Gifts for Men

Here we’ll focus on each of the best gifts for male travelers: 

Lightweight Foldable Camera Drone

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is one of the most luxurious travel related gifts for him.

When you’re sure your loved one wants a drone as a gift, this is the best one that’s easy to travel with. Its foldable and compact design makes it ideal for travel and doesn’t require registration in most countries. 

A flight time of up to 34 minutes allows plenty of time to take gorgeous photos and videos for unique portraits and scenery that are perfect for travel memories and social media.

Waterproof GoPro HERO11

If your man is the adventurous type then a GoPro camera is by far one of the top cool travel gifts for him. This 4k GoPro is the newest GoPro active camera for any adventurer. It’s an ideal camera for him to document his experiences with photos and video in crisp detail and cinematic quality. 

Its changeable digital lenses offer a wide field of view allowing him to capture the overall surroundings and zoom in for tight shots when needed. 

This little gem comes complete with sturdy camera mounts and hyper-smooth stabilization allowing for silky-smooth video footage. 

Anker Portable Charger / Power Bank

When on the go, who doesn’t need a power bank from time to time? This practical gift is one of the best travel gifts men will always use. It’s THE best power bank for travel. It’ll ensure that he always has extra power for his phone and tablet when necessary. 

The Anker portable charger has twin USB ports allowing him to charge multiple devices at once and the impressive capacity allows for approximately 5 full phone charges. 

It’s a pricier power bank but you get what you pay for. Remember the cheap small power banks that stopped working pretty fast? This is on the opposite spectrum.

You can’t go wrong with this gift as everyone occasionally needs a little extra power.

Aeropress Portable Travel Coffee Press

If your special guy loves a great cup of coffee and also loves outdoor adventures, then the Aeropress Go Coffee Maker could be the best travel gift for him. He’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and delicious brew anywhere he goes. 

The AeroPress Go travel coffee press allows him to create 1-3 cups of coffee per press. Cold brewing takes two minutes and hot brewing takes only one minute. 

It’s a luxurious gift that will make him think of you whenever he enjoys a coffee break in the wild.

Apple AirTag

We all occasionally lose stuff… but men… maybe a bit more so. When he’s traveling and doesn’t have you to remind him where he put that important “thing” you can be comforted in knowing that the Apple AirTag for travel will provide that help when necessary. 

It’s great to put into checked in luggage. With the recent worldwide mess with baggage handling at airports, it’s a must to have the Apple AirTag for luggage.

One of the best travel gifts for men, the Apple AirTag is easily attachable to his important items. It also connects them to the Find My app on either iPhone or iPad with just a few clicks. 

A map in the app will guide him to the lost item and the AirTag also features a speaker to assist in audibly alerting him to its precise location. When he’s on the go things can get gone and the Apple AirTag helps to ensure that everything stays nicely together.

I must admit I recently got the AirTag for myself and when on a trip with my husband, we were kept at ease during our layovers. What a neat thing!

But – he must own an iPhone. The AirTag doesn’t pair with Android devices.

Toiletry Bag and Overnight Organizer by Fitdom

Proper grooming requires a plethora of different items and everyone needs an organizing bag for all those bits and pieces. 

One of the most ideal business travel gifts for him, the Fitdom is the best men’s travel toiletry bag and contains 6 unique compartments. It’s designed specifically for toothbrushes, shaving razors, cleaning gels, and other assorted grooming items. 

The heavyweight polyester exterior is waterproof and durable, and a luggage-grade zipper ensures smooth, long-lasting opening and closing. It incorporates some survival gear, looks great, and is designed to last.

A toiletry bag is one of the must-have gifts for a traveling man and this is one of the best choices for all his grooming necessities and a travel case for men’s toiletries in one.

Epicka Universal Power Adapter

Travel sometimes requires us, and our power cable connections, to be adaptable. The EPICKA is the best international power adapter and the best travel gift for him to make sure his devices get recharged anywhere in the world. 

This all-in-one power adapter covers more than 150 countries. It can accommodate 4 standard USB connections, 1 type C USB connection, and 1 AC socket connection so that up to 6 devices can be charged at once. It’s a classic that’s needed on most international trips.

It has everything that you could want from a power adapter but please note that it’s NOT a power converter, so you’ll need to make sure that if you’re plugging into an outlet with a different voltage that your devices have variable-voltage capabilities. 

Otherwise, your special guy will be good to go and ready to adapt to anything. With an adapter, ha!

Camping Spork

When camping or adventuring outdoors we always need to keep our packs as light as possible. This lightweight titanium camping spork is one of the most unique travel gifts for him. I have a cheaper plastic one but this metal one is the real deal and can last forever.

It helps save space by serving as a spoon, a fork, and a knife all in one. It’s a bit small as a “real” gift but it definitely makes for a great stocking stuffer.

Travel Money Belt

Even if your man is big and strong he can still get pickpocketed while traveling. This stylish, super thin, and easily concealable travel pouch is ideal for protecting valuables while on the go. 

It also has built-in RIFD blocking sleeves to protect his credit cards from any sneaky and sophisticated electronic theft. 

The Zero Grid is the best travel money belt and is one of the most perfect gifts for frequent business travelers and other traveling men.

If you’re keen, you can also see more of the best money belts for travel here.

Bagsmart Travel Cable Organizer

He’s got headphones, multiple cables, power adapters, USB drives, and more. All of these small items need to be kept in a travel cable organizer or they can quickly end up all over the place. 

As far as business travel gifts for him, the BAGSMART travel bag, with various-sized pockets, keeps all his accessories organized. Everything is always easily accessible, in a durable, water-repellant nylon case. 

It’s an easy way to help him stay organized and he’ll appreciate it. Actually, when thinking about it, why don’t we all use electronics organizer for travel all the time? It’s so practical!

LifeStraw Personal Filter for Water

In extreme outdoor conditions, clean water might not be always accessible. If your guy is the outdoorsy type that might actually run into such a situation, then preparedness is key. 

The LifeStraw portable water filter is lightweight and compact and is definitely one of the good travel gifts for him. It removes bacteria, parasites, and microplastics.

The long-lasting filter provides 4000 liters (1000 gallons) of clean safe drinking water with proper use and maintenance. It’s a famous water filter with exceptional reviews.

This amazing little stocking stuffer will make sure that your loved one stays hydrated and healthy even in the most adverse conditions.

Fast Drying Microfiber Towel

Most guys love their high-tech gadgets so why not get him a high-tech, fast-drying towel? Okay, it’s not a gadget per se but once you try a microfiber towel and compare it with the standard one, there’s no way back. 

The Rainleaf microfiber towel for travel is ultra-compact and lightweight, and it also comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors so that you can choose one, or several, that fit his needs and style perfectly.

Based on reviews, this is the best travel towel out there.

Passport and Document Holder

This travel passport holder is one of the more practical gifts for male travelers. It’s a stylish way for him to carry his passport and travel documents. This passport holder for men includes slots for sim cards and a pen. Because, you know men, they never have a pen on them for entry forms.

Not only will he look like a travel pro with this little gem but the RIFD protection also ensures that his identity doesn’t get electronically stolen. It’s one of the luxury travel gifts for him that’ll be fashionable and advantageous for all international travel.

Smartphone Waterproof Case

Keeping his phone dry is important when he’s engaged in watersports or relaxing on the beach. This waterproof case by MoKo is one of the best travel gifts for men to make sure that happens.

It’s great for any trip where there will be water. It’s often safer to swim with the phone on you than leaving it on the beach.

This is the best waterproof cell phone pouch – diagonally, it measures 7″and can accommodate most phone sizes along with other items like credit cards and money. 

It’s clear on both sides which makes it ideal for taking photos while securely sealed and protected, and it features a simple snap-and-lock closure for easy access.

Based on my experience, it’s not the most amazing thing for taking underwater photos, as they can turn out to be a bit blurry. 

Adhesive Flexible Bandages

If your special guy happens to be a young boy then he’s going to be prone to getting a few bumps and scrapes on his outdoor adventures or at summer camp. 

This band-aid travel pack is actually a fun, tongue-in-cheek, gift for any adult man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

It is one of the most practical gifts for male travellers. Each of the bandages have fun colorful designs and come in a colorful tin. 

No one wants to get bruised or scraped but if it does happen at least he can have a fun style while recounting the battle story to his friends.

I hope this list of best travel gifts for men helps you to nail the perfect gift items this season. Hopefully, your man will appreciate your keen knowledge of exactly what he wants (or needs) at gift time.

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