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How to Combine Full-Time Work and Travel

So you’ve got your travel bug but at the same time you reasonably like your job and the stable income. Right? Still, many opportunities how to travel while having a full-time job lie ahead of you. You just need some planning and a bit of luck. Don’t be afraid of combining work and travel!

The best-case scenario is having a job that involves travelling abroad. Trade shows are the best! When visiting a trade show in a location you’d like to explore further, just take a few days off and stay longer!

Most of you, however, don’t have a travelling job. That’s a fact. Still, if you’ve got a nice boss, you can try to make an arrangement that would allow you to travel while not slacking at work at the same time.

Either you become fully location-independent and travel wherever you like. But that’s often not desirable, as the regular office is a more productive place to work, and maybe you even love your colleagues and want to keep seeing them.

work and travel

Maybe not the most productive but you could still do a fair amount of work like that

Well then, just stay comfortably in your job and arrange a vacation of some time, with several vacation days during which you won’t do a thing and several home-office-regime days, all combined together. So e.g. you take a week off and stay another 2 weeks in Spain, just because it’s a great location and it’s pretty easy to find a nice café with good wifi. After the first week of exploring a new location day in and day out, you’ll be fine with having just evenings off.

Even better, let’s say you’re a European working with clients from Europe and Asia. Going for a vacation to the US, you can start the day by working with your European clients, then wander around the city, then you come back in the evening and work with your Asian clients! So don’t be afraid to make full use of time zones.

Ok, let’s sum up the tips for a full-timer with a travel bug:

  • Try getting into teams that go to trade shows, or join any possible business trip abroad
  • Take vacation and combine it with some home-office work
  • Make a location-independent arrangement with your superiors
  • Make time zones work for you!


I’m curious how you have managed to combine full-time work and travel! Any points to add on how to nail it?

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Friday 21st of November 2014

Great tips.

I love my work and I always want to travel. Most of the time, it's family travel for me and that means I have to check my husband's and kids' schedule too but everything is doable!

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