6 Reasons Why Valencia is the Berlin of the South

On my first trip to Valencia as a teenager I rushed around with my schoolteachers to see all the major sights and all that (rather boring) stuff.

However, I returned to the city a year ago and was just struck by its coolness and resemblance of Berlin. I love Berlin so it’s a huge compliment!

How does Valencia compare to Berlin?

Street Art

The first thing that catches your eye is the street art all around you. Just walk the streets of the old town to get the real dose. To me, it felt as if the wild Berlin artists flooded the city of Valencia with their drawings. But the reality is far from that – the artists are mostly local. Their street art ranges from scary to cute – definitely a feast for the eyes!

Valencia street art
Collection of Valencia street art

Real Estate

I couldn’t help but peek into local real estate shops. The prices amazed me. It’s got a lot to do with the economic downturn that hit Spain especially hard. But if you’ve ever considered getting a place in a cool Spanish city, now is the time!

With it comes also the availability of awesome apartments via Airbnb and similar services. I stayed at a great apartment that looked like a renovated garage, but renovated into a beautiful little studio with a garden! In Berlin the Airbnb selection used to be great too, until the authorities curbed that. Let’s hope that won’t be the case with Valencia.

Beautiful streets of Valencia
Sure, Valencia looks a bit more Mediterranean, but don’t you think the style is a bit similar to Berlin’s?

Art galleries

Art galleries are not on each corner like in many of Berlin’s neighborhoods, but there are quite a few. Also, many shops feel like art galleries themselves, e.g. hairdressers and other everyday places often get very creative. Just dive into the streets of the old town and see for yourself.

Cool street art on a hostel in Valencia
It’s just an ‘ordinary’ hostel, but it feels like an outdoor gallery!

Cool cafes

You’ll have no problem staying well caffeinated thanks to Valencia’s cool cafes. Add some wild interior design and a few shabby-looking pieces of furniture and you got a café so inviting that you’ll have to switch to decaf in order to try them all and still be able to sleep at night. Or to wine! :)

One of many fun cafés in Valencia
Lovely quirky cafés.. just like in Berlin! This is a grandma-themed café Maria Mandiles, one of my faves :)

Antique stores

If you’re into antiquities, you’ll be in paradise during your stay in Valencia. They have all the pieces a retro freak’s heart could long for. Plus, quite a few of these antique stores are right by the cool cafes mentioned above, so you can just sit back and watch the hip staff rearrange their valuable pieces.

Laid-back style

Valencia’s feel is as laid-back as it gets. It’s not a sleepy village, but the city buzz is relaxed and forms a great atmosphere. Similar to Berlin, it’s definitely fun to hang out in here!

People enjoying life in a café in Valencia
People enjoying life.. what a wonderful everyday sight in Valencia!
Pancho, a Valencian pug, chilling in the sun
Not only people are chillin’ in Valencia.. meet Pancho, a cool local pug!

Two things that Berlin lacks but Valencia has in abundance – warm climate and the Mediterranean Sea. Just 15 minutes away from the city centre will get you onto the beach! The weather is pleasant all year round… [clear h=5]

… I’m sorry Berlin but this winter I’ll choose rather warm Valencia over your cold wintery feel…![clear h=5]

Do you agree with me that Valencia feels a lot like Berlin?

Fellow pinner? Great, here’s a pin for you!

Why Valencia feels like Berlin.. because it does!

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  1. Wow, never seen Valencia in this prospective! And never been to Berlin so I am not able to compare but I like the way you presented it. When I think Valencia I always get an image of Las Fallas in my head :)

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