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Night Safari in Singapore

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Don’t roll your eyes just yet, this is not just any ZOO. This is a safari, where the animals run (almost) free. Plus, it’s at night!

Singapore is a great place to visit for a few days. There’s a lot to see in this tiny country but it’s not just the sights that make travelling there so special. The night safari experience is one that you shouldn’t miss if you have a couple days there.

Tell me of any other place where you could go see a safari at night!

Opened in 1994, Night Safari is the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. Today, the award-winning park welcomes more than 1.1 million visitors a year. They come from all over the world to enjoy the unique experience of seeing over 2,500 animals in their naturalistic nighttime habitats.

– Singapore Night Safari

So in many aspects, what Singapore does with the animals is pretty unique. The Zoo claims to be the first safari park for nocturnal animals. These animals are most active during the night, so don’t expect a sleepy experience.

I’d love to show you my own photos but it’s really dark in there and my poor camera didn’t capture a thing. Still it was a memorable experience, though! Professional cameras and photographers will have no problem taking awesome photos, and a tripod can do wonders.

The photos in this post are therefore all borrowed :) Plus, if you’d like to check out how the Zoo looks during the day, here’s a great post from fellow bloggers: Getting wild at Singapore Zoo and River Safari (by Nerd Nomads)

How to go about arranging your night safari experience

Buy tickets online with 10% discount or just get them at the counter. The Zoo is open every day from 7:30 pm till midnight. The admission for an adult costs 39 SGD.

You can get to the safari park by public transportation, by a taxi, or even by a shuttle – exact details are here: Night Safari – Getting Here

What’s there to do at the Singapore Zoo during the night

Singapore Night Safari

Indian zone at Singapore Night Safari
(Image credit:

You hop on a little tram (yep, no train but tram!) that will take you through seven individual areas of the Zoo that are divided by geography of the animals. You’ll have a guide with you that will help you spot the animals and share some valuable knowledge. The tram will also stop quite often and you’ll be approached by animals that are already used to the trams circling around and are therefore not as shy. The whole ride takes about 40 minutes and I strongly suggest not leaving it out!

There are many walking trails too, so you get to experience more animals than would be possible only from the tram. Specifically, squirrels and flying foxes are quite fun as they jump around and above you :) You’ll also be able to see leopards, but there will be safety glass in between you and the large cats.

In addition to all this, the Zoo has performances scheduled for visitors who are hungry to see more than animals. They do various shows with fire and you can even go watch tribal dances.

Visitors who are literally hungry can have a full diner or a late night snack in the Safari Restaurant. It’s a bit pricey but better than to ride around with a rumbling stomach, right?

Check the official website of Singapore Night Safari for all the detailed information.

The Night Safari is one of the best activities to do in Singapore with kids, but not only. Adults without children will be entertained enough too.

Plan for a few days in Singapore and don’t miss this remarkable Night Safari. After spotting the famous big five (no boyband – just a lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino), you’ll feel like a full-on adventure traveler in the steppes of Africa.

Do you like safaris? Have you been to the Night Safari in Singapore? Let me know what your experience was!

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 Don't leave Singapore without checking out the night safari!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.