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Early Risers Enjoy the Best Beach Conditions in Western Australia

Going to a beach in Western Australia is almost rocket science!

Forget your usual vacation schedule, when you sleep long, take time to enjoy breakfast and you roll onto the beach only once the noon heat has subsided.

If you did this on the beaches surrounding Perth, your experience would be really high waves and sand everywhere.

What’s the deal? It’s all about the wind. It really picks up in the afternoon, in a way that you might feel slightly cold even when the official temperature is above 25 degrees. And get sunburns at the same time.

The beaches in West Australia are beautiful, many of them pristine and definitely not as crowded as e.g. Sydney’s Bondi. If you’re stationed in Perth, the City beach is only a few minutes drive. Cottesloe beach is even nicer and there are so many more if you travel to see the sights few hours away from Perth.

safety flags Perth beach

Flags showing patrolled area of Perth City beach

If you apply our tips below, your day on the beach is going to be just perfect!

  •     Get up early
  •     Apply sunscreen before going to the beach
  •     Bring your breakfast to the beach
  •     Check the flags for current/shark/jellyfish alerts
  •     Get in the water right away
  •     Remember to swim only between the flags
  •     Plan some other fun beach activities for the afternoon
  •     Staying till late evening will reward you with a breathtaking sunset


I can’t emphasize more that it’s really important to check the safety flags. They are only on patrolled beaches, as the unpatrolled ones shouldn’t even be considered for swimming. If the color’s red, better stay on the shore. The currents can be very strong and can carry you on the open sea or keep you underwater for longer than you’d like.

Also, for some beach inspiration, check out this guide on beaches in West Australia.

For more info on beach safety all around Australia, check out Tripadvisor’s great info page:

All the points above apply to normal swimmers and non-surfers. If you’re totally into big waves, your time of the day IS the afternoon in WA!

What’s your experience? Feel like sharing it with us?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.