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5 New Prague Cafés

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As a Prague resident, I’ve got some insider info on what’s new in the city, including the coffee culture. I’ve made a list of cafes that you wouldn’t find in your guidebooks because they all opened less than a year ago. They’re all pretty special and located in or near the city centre.

The newest come first:

Styl a Interier

Styl a Interier cafe Prague
Source: Own photos
Vodičkova 35, Prague 1

www.stylainterier.cz/kavarna (Czech only)

Opening hours: Mo-Fri 11am-9pm

This café is a real hidden gem! It’s right by the Wenceslas Square, so as a tourist you must pass by. It is tucked away in a small garden that’s in a backyard of one of the buildings. Originally a store with furniture and accessories, they transformed the backyard into a café and I must congratulate them on that decision! The coffee and little food are served on their French-style cups and plates that you can also purchase. There’s a big gazebo in the middle that provides shade for the few middle tables and then there are quite a few trees.

This place feels like an oasis in the busy city.

Breakfast: No (but they might add it in the near future!)
Wifi: Yes
Plugs: No[clear h=50]

La Bohème Café

La Boheme Cafe Prague
Source: Own photo, Foursquare (Jan J.)
Sázavská 32, Prague 2


Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 11am-8pm

Some of you might know of this café, it’s got precisely one review on TripAdvisor at the time of writing :)

This café was started by an American expat who sells grounded coffee under the same brand. The layout is spacious, modern and beautiful. They take interior design seriously and the result is stunning! Recently they’ve extended their opening hours, so I’m there pretty often! :)

This place is great for real coffee&tea aficionados who care what kind of coffee they’re drinking, as they’ve got high-quality blends. They themselves call the café “Degustation Bar & Shop”.

Breakfast: No
Wifi: Yes
Plugs: Yes[clear h=50]


Monolok cafe Prague
Source: monolok.cz
Moravská 1540/18, Prague 2

www.monolok.cz (Czech only)

Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

Although quite tucked away, Monolok has gained quite some popularity for its fun ambiance and modern space. The café is full of light (except the room that’s under the ground level) and staying in on both a sunny or rainy day feels great. The Internet’s fast and they do serve some awesome coffee, breakfasts and small foods.

Breakfast: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Plugs: Yes[clear h=50]

Café Neustadt

Cafe Neustadt Prague
Source: Own photos, lidovky.cz
Karlovo nám. 1/23, Prague 2


Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8am-12pm, Sat 10am-12pm, Sun 12am-12pm

This café hidden in a courtyard of the New Town Hall (Novomestska Radnice) tower on Karlovo namesti, is a little retro-looking gem with a nice courtyard. The owner is quite well-known in Prague, mainly because of his project of pianos in the streets of Prague and other Czech cities. The coffee is fine, they have wifi and it always feels good to support somebody who cares for the community. Many cool events are organized here – from simple piano playing to screenings of old movies accompanied by piano, to various small-scale concerts. Btw. there’s a piano year-round in the yard, so feel free to sit down and get a few tunes out of it.

Breakfast: Yes (plus chillout brunch with a DJ on Saturday!)
Wifi: Yes
Plugs: Yes[clear h=50]


Prazirna cafe Prague
Source: Own photos, malajani.cz
Lublaňská 676/50, Praha 2

www.kavarnaprazirna.cz (Czech only)

Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat 12am-8pm (Sat closed in July)

Alright, Pražírna opened 2 years ago. But very quietly! It’s right next to Paul’s, so you can imagine where all the traffic goes. Only the real coffee connoisseurs head to Pražírna rather than to Paul’s.

This little place has a nice atmosphere despite the fact that it’s partially under the ground. The layout is open and they have several big tables, so even big groups fit well in. They roast their coffee and always give you a big glass of water with it. Smokers have to go outside to have their cigarette. Little tip: if you need Internet, sit as close to the bar as possible.

Breakfast: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Plugs: Yes

Go chill in one of these cafes yourself and let me know how it was!

And for you, fellow pinners, here’s a pin!

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  1. Recently I’ve explored some cool, hip cafes in Prague but I haven’t been to any of these! Thanks for recommendation, I wrote them all down for my next visit!

  2. Hi there – I’m visiting your blog via our Awesome Bloggers threads and I was thrilled to see a Prague Blogger! We are visiting Prague for the first time in May, so thanks for all of the info. I’ll see you back in our blogger threads!

  3. I’ll be in Prague in August, and this post should be a great help when I get a hankering for a coffee — which happens frequently. Your tips for good breakfast spots look really interesting, too. Thanks!


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