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The Magic of Easter Island

Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, or Rapa Nui, as the locals call it, is one of the few mystical places on Earth that easily finds a way to your heart and stays there forever! It happened to me. So I’d like to warn you, or, even better, inspire you to visit it too!

How does it feel to visit Isla de Pascua, this little gem in the Pacific?

Easter Island’s warm welcome

The first chance to fall in love with the island comes immediately after you arrive. Mataveri International Airport is ridiculously small and cute. After disembarking, an adorable dog sniffs your suitcase on the one luggage belt they have there. What’s more, your hotel pickup person will welcome you by putting fresh flowers around your neck! I previously thought this was done just on Hawaii and Bahamas :)

If you’re on a cruise and your ship embarks on Easter Island for a few hours it’s definitely worth setting your foot on it but, believe me, a few hours is not enough to absorb the magic of the place and learn the history.

Check out also how to get to Easter Island.

Moai Easter Island

I couldn’t NOT show any Moai, right?

Tiny bit of history

Easter Island has belonged to Chile since 1888. Before that, the complicated history saw Europeans passing through, with oppression and constant clashes with the original Rapa Nui inhabitants. Tribal wars occurred similarly often. The very first settlers who were to become the original Rapa Nui supposedly arrived there from Tahiti. It was around the time when Hawaii was also being first inhabited. Tahitians named the island Rapa Nui, meaning Big Rapa, as it reminded them of another smaller island in Tahiti called Rapa. The name Easter Island comes from the time when a Dutch explorer discovered its seashores on Easter Sunday, in 1722.

Pacific ocean Easter Island

The Pacific.. mostly rough around the edges of the Easter Island

Climate & Landscape

The temperatures are moderate year round, so it’s possible to visit even in winter months. But don’t expect hot Polynesian weather either. It does get real warm in summer, you might just not always appreciate the strong winds and the temperature of the ocean.

The ozone layer has become very thin above the location of Easter Island, so visitors will need to use a sunblock with a very high SPF – ideally above 50.

The landscape is hilly, with several volcanoes across the island. Climbing the highest volcano Terevaka to the very top (511m or 1969feet) will offer unprecedented 360° views of the sea surrounding the island. I’ve never seen anything like it (on land).

Terevaka Easter Island

On top of Terevaka volcano.. this is the place people come for 360 view

Getting around Easter Island

Easter Island is only 25 km (15.5 miles) long and 12 km (7.5 miles) wide so it’s easy to rent a car and visit all the interesting destinations featuring Moai, the stone statues. There are also scooters and ATVs (four-wheelers) available for rent. Let me just prepare you for one unusual part of renting a vehicle on Easter Island – no insurance is available!

For sporty people comfortable with riding uphill, bikes are also available. Plus, hikers and fans of Nordic walking can roam the hills and valleys for hours.

Terevaka Easter Island

Hiking the trail of Terevaka volcano..

Even though Easter Island is one of the most remote corners of the world, it’s not so complicated to get there, especially if you combine it with a trip to Chile. If you feel especially adventurous, you could even continue to Tahiti!

Anakena Easter Island

The most popular beach on Easter Island: Anakena beach!

When leaving Easter Island, most likely with a heavy heart, you’ll be gifted by your accommodation host again, this time with a shell necklace or a Moai souvenir, just as a precaution not to forget about the island (as if that was even possible)!

horses Easter Island

Did I mention wild horses? They are everywhere and usually don’t mind humans around.

Although Easter Island is a place I can’t imagine living at long-term, I’m sure sometimes… someday… we’ll meet again.

Puna Pau Easter Island

Beautiful view from Puna Pau

Are you wondering how I managed to write about Easter Island without mentioning the Moai much? The Moai are so magical that they deserve a post on their own! I haven’t mine yet, so I’ll leave you with Corinne’s post on the Moai and the Ahu on Easter Island.

So, are you booking your tickets yet? ;)

If you’ve been to Easter Island already, let us know whether you also absolutely loved it!

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Karyn Jane

Thursday 21st of April 2016

Awesome post. I have such an adoration for Rapa Nui, I really hope I get the chance to visit some day, and I find it's history so fascinating and heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing this with me. :)


Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Thank you, Karyn! It's truly a magical place to visit. Fingers crossed you'll get to explore it too one day! (and for me to go again, ha!) :)


Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Added to my wish list!


Tuesday 27th of October 2015

On my flight back from Easter Island in June (2015), the flight hostess wanted to know: "Could you feel the energy?" (Yes :-) )

It's a very enigmatic place indeed! Also, its a supreme hiking destination . Great pictures!


Tuesday 27th of October 2015

Hi Jean-Jacques, Thank you! Easter Island is so special, isn't it! It was the only destination where after spending only a few days I cried upon leaving because it felt so sad to leave.

Do you plan to go back one day?

Dan Thompson

Monday 6th of July 2015

It IS magical, isn't it!?

My wife and I visited Easter Island in December of 2006 and it has been calling me back ever since. We'll return again this December, and I cannot wait!

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for this awesome place, and getting me even more excited to return! :)


gabrielle muir

Monday 2nd of May 2016

wow!!! :p

Travel by Blog

Tuesday 16th of June 2015

In all honesty, South America has not yet rustled up an interest in me but ever since I was a child I wanted to gaze upon the sculptured ruins on Easter island. A fabulous, isolated island with more mystery than a Sherlock Holmes novel. I will come here someday!

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