15 Things You Should Know About Iran and Its People

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Chances are that you haven’t considered Iran as a must see destination. Who would, right? With the usual negative rhetoric towards the country and its political representatives.. it makes one doubt the safety.

But nothing can be further from the truth. Politics aside, Iran is the most welcoming country I’ve ever been to. So I wrote up a short and sweet overview of what you should know about Iran and Iranians. Enjoy! :)

Here’s a short video of all the things I think you should know about Iran and Iranians. Details are covered later in the article text :)

Iranians are extremely hospitable

You can see it everywhere – from shy smiles, to curious questions about where you’re from, Iranians are welcoming to visitors and are generally happy to see travellers coming.

In traditional hotels and houses, they’ll treat you like family and you might even be invited for a homemade meal, just from a person on the street!

No wonder Couchsurfing is so popular there. I haven’t tried Couchsurfing in Iran myself, but have heard the only potential ‘threat’ is that a host might be too friendly and might want to accompany you everywhere.

What a threat, right?

See also my fellow blogger’s take on Iranian hospitality.

Bread baker in Esfahan, Iran
Friendly baker in Esfahan, Iran. Yes, we got a piece of bread :)

Check out also this comprehensive guide on traveling to Iran.

Iranians care about their country’s image abroad

Most Iranians I’ve met feel sad about the image of Iran abroad. Of course, the information they get is a bit biased, but they are always hopeful that you as a traveler to Iran will then tell everyone how great it’s been there!

We were often asked about what we thought of Iran and we always honestly replied how amazed we were by the hospitality of people.

Iran has the bad luck to lie in an unstable region, but it’s one of the safest countries in the area.

Spice shop owner, bazaar in Esfahan, Iran
A friendly local in his spice shop.. in a bazaar!

Iran is a safe travel destination

No matter what your nationality or religion, you’ll be perfectly fine. Don’t cause conflicts and follow the local rules and you have nothing to worry about.

The troubled areas of Iran are along its borders with Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many travellers are fine in those areas as well, but for the cautious traveler it’s a big no-no.

When it comes to practicalities, visa is supposedly not issued to everybody. For me as a Czech citizen, there was no problem. I could even get an on-arrival visa.

If you already have an Israeli stamp in your passport, get a second passport for your Iranian visa.

If you’re American or British, you’ll need a local guide accompanying you everywhere. Even if you’re Harley Davidson riders, like the Brits we met in Yazd.

Fortunately, the guides are often very easy going, so fear not that you would end up with a government official as if you were in North Korea or somewhere.

Read more on Iran safety here.

In a park in Esfahan, Iran
Friends playing chess with gaz (local sweets) in Esfahan.. the friendly Iranian who passed by had a sweet tooth and needed a candy!

It’s cheap to travel around Iran

Iran is really cheap for us visitors from the Western world. Even with the high inflation and sometimes-outdated prices in guidebooks, prices are still relatively low.

I’d say perhaps on the same level as in Thailand.

I spent only about 500 EUR in 2 weeks – including accommodation, one local flight, food and souvenirs!

Tea in a carpet shop in Esfahan, Iran
Having a tea at a carpet shop in Esfahan was quite fun and we had a good chat with the owner. Nobody of us bought anything.

Iran is developed and advanced

The infrastructure in Iran runs smoothly and people are well educated. Of course the people you’ll speak to will be mostly those with a good level of English, but that’s quite a big part of the young educated population.

It’s a fact that it takes 10 years to gain a PhD in Iran! So those who study are very serious about it.

Chatting with locals at Hafez' mausoleum, Shiraz, Iran
Smart PhD students often came for a chat – this scene is from poet Hafez’ mausoleum, Shiraz.

Iran has been Islamic for only 1300 Years

Ok, 1300 years does sound like a long time. But the Persian culture shaped throughout the times of Persian Empire was not lost, rather absorbed into Iran’s Islam.

It is therefore a bit different to regimes in the neighboring countries, not only because Iran’s population is predominantly made of Shiite Muslims.

Getting ready for a prayer in a mosque in Esfahan, Iran
Getting ready for an afternoon prayer.. first step is to roll out these big carpets.

Iranians divide their country’s history before & after the Revolution of 1979

After you’ll speak with a few locals, you’ll notice how they naturally divide the past before and after the Revolution, when the spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini took over and Iran became more Islamic.

Study Iran’s history, it’s incredibly interesting. I found Lonely Planet’s overview of Iran’s history very well described. Get a Lonely Planet guidebook now to do some reading before your trip.

Khomeini Khamenei Iran
Portraits of Ayatollah Khomeini and the current Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are present everywhere you look.

Iranians are so diverse – you can even meet green-eyed people!

There are many ethnic groups living in Iran. You can see representatives of nomadic tribes and of the neighboring countries who have fully assimilated and become Iranians.

You’ll be amazed by the big bright blue or green eyes of many!

Baker in Shiraz, Iran
Green eyed baker in Shiraz, Iran. He can be either of an Afghan origin, or from a nomadic tribe.

Women have a certain level of freedom

I’m not here to praise Iranian women’s freedom as it’s obviously far from what we’re used to in Europe, but compared to other countries in the region women have relatively more rights.

Take the then 18 year old film director Samira Makhmalbaf who became world-famous by directing ‘The Apple’ in 1998. She’s a woman, and young!

Also, as opposed to e.g. Saudi Arabia, women are allowed to drive. When it comes to women’s rights, Lonely Planet quite fittingly calls Iran the ‘Country of contrasts’.

In fact, many households are ruled by women. Mothers have the upper hand at home while outside, it’s the men. This dynamic seems to work quite well for Iran.

TravelGeekery's Veronika with local ladies in Esfahan, Iran
With local ladies in Esfahan, Iran

Iranians are proud of their nation

Persia has a long history and Iranians carry a lot of national pride in them.

Some people you’ll meet might be critical to certain past or present representatives, but the overall feel you’ll get is that they are proud to be Iranian.

Ancient City of Persepolis, near Shiraz, Iran
The incredible ancient city of Persepolis, just an hour away from Shiraz.

Iran is the no. 1 nation for picnics

I’ve never seen anything like it! Any patch of grass, or actually even a concrete sidewalk, is an ideal picnic spot!

People roll out a Persian carpet, get out flasks with tea and some snacks and their favorite pastime is on! Some even bring gas stoves and actually cook their meals.

If you’re in Esfahan, walk around the Imam Square in late afternoon, you’ll see many locals sitting down for a picnic with family or friends. If you’re lucky, you might even be invited to one.

Picnic in front of Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd, Iran
Iranians picnicking in front of Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd, Iran.

Iranians are very family-oriented

Love of family emanates from Iranians like from no other nation I’ve visited. Perhaps it’s also because they don’t use strollers much, so they carry their young ones in their arms.

You can often encounter parents or grandparents cuddling their babies and it really seems like family is in the center of the universe for them.

Women with kids in front of Quran Gate, Shiraz, Iran
Women with kids in front of Quran Gate, Shiraz.

Iranians don’t eat out very much

You might find out there are not restaurants on every corner as you’re used to from your travels. Iranians traditionally eat most of their meals at home (or on a picnic), with a work lunch occasionally taken at a street stand.

It’s not that common to go eat out.

Many of the restaurants you’ll encounter have been set up for tourists, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you stay at a traditional house instead of a hotel, you can taste the real homemade cuisine that’s so sought after!

Traditional Banquet Hall in Esfahan, Iran
One of touristy, but good, restaurants: Traditional Banquet Hall in Esfahan.

Liberal North, conservative South

Generally speaking, the North including Tehran is much more liberal when it comes to views, opinions and even clothing.

The further to the South you’ll go, the more long black chadors you’ll see and the more conservative and traditional people are. Just be aware of that if you travel down South.

A wide selection of chadors in a bazaar of Yazd, Iran
A wide selection of chadors in a bazaar of Yazd.

Iran is not touristy

Among the friendly people who’ll approach you, there might be an occasional vendor, but even if you’re taken into a carpet shop for a cup of tea, you’re in no way obliged to buy anything and you can easily get out of there.

The lack of ‘pushiness’ from street vendors is refreshing!

But it might not last forever. Iran is becoming increasingly more popular among travellers, so go visit while it’s still unspoiled by mass tourism!

A rug seller in Esfahan, Iran
Funny Behrus, a seller of rugs, has friends in Prague and showed me a book he got :)

One resource that helped my tremendously to wrap my mind around the country’s history and better understand the people: Lonely Planet Guidebook. The one on Iran is a high quality one. Check it here.

If you’re considering travelling to Iran, get inspired by my 2 week itinerary. And – I even have advice on what to wear (for both ladies and gents).

For some further reading on the ethnicity of Iranians, the early history and cultural development, head to this Wikipedia article.

[clear h=10]What do you think? Would you travel to Iran? Have you been there already? Do you agree with my views?

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Iran is fascinating and Iranians are super friendly! Read what I've learned about the country and the people when travelling in Iran


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  1. Thanks for that article, Iran is great, and we can learn so much from them. Even that is sometimes frustrating, these stupid laws, i was sorry for my friends, which i have made there. Best country!!

      • Korosh, it makes me sad that you feel that, though I understand why. Generally people only learn of other countries and cultures through the media and what information is available where they live and have access to. When a Westerner has the opportunity to meet Iranians or even visit the country they learn the truth. I was lucky enough to live there from 1973 to 1985 with my Iranian husband and although I was troubled by the change of regime and the restrictions
        It did not diminish my love of the culture and people nor did I lose my fascination for the beauty of the land and the rich history. Take heart there is less hate for Iranian people amongst ordinary people than you realise

  2. Nice article! Almost everything I read about Iran is inaccurate – even from travel bloggers. But, this is a really fair and balanced list.

    AND… haha, I have met “Behrus, a seller of rugs” several times in Esfahan over the last few years. He always tells me the same thing – that he looks like a movie star :)

    • Oh that’s too funny! Behrus is a legend :D Yep, also told us he looked like a movie star – Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men :D

      Thanks, Nate!

  3. That is unbiased article.
    For me Iran is still like terra incognita, but hope to change it in nearest future. Indeed, the most decisive period of it’s history is connected with Islam. Zoroastrianism though can be considered as distinctive feature of ancient Iran.

  4. thank you very much for the great article about Iran !
    I am from Iran and having read your article I can say you’re an amazing blogger and everything you said is true !
    I was very eager to know how a tourist like you thinks about Iran !
    It was really interesting !
    I live in Iran , in Tehran ! It is truly an amazing country !
    Just don’t believe what media tells you about this beautiful country … :(
    keep in touch !

  5. thanks for your unbiased review of IRAN and IRANIAN`S
    as you said IRAN is a cheap destination to travel only 500$ for 2 weeks and stay in hotels and travel around. it is very reasonable, is not it?
    i would add lots of sunny days to benefits of Iran`s visit. DON`T forget to visit deserts and beaches of Iran.
    please don`t trust to anythings you hear every day in media. they work for politic and some are against friendly relationship between people around the world. but all of iranian respect to world peace.
    so come iran and enjoy.

    • Thank you, Zahra. Travellers are now more and more exploring Iran and spreading the word about its beauty, friendliness of locals and the low cost of travel. Fortunately many people realize media is biased.
      I hope Iranians will stay as friendly and hospitable as I experienced on my trip! I’m sure big waves of tourists are coming :)

  6. Hello
    I am living in Tehran, Iran.
    article Was very good and I enjoyed it.
    Thank you for the facts impartially spoke this country.
    Iran, a country with so much history and culture is thousands of years and I hope that day by day will be added to its tourists.
    Good luck

    • Thank you, Mohammad. I think tourism is developing at a high speed at the moment, so you might soon be flooded with tourists from all over the world! I enjoyed my trip very much and have heard from many friends who loved it too.
      Many greetings to Tehran!

  7. I was already convinced of going to Iran coming autumn, but now I’m even more sure. Just wondering: is it weird/dangerous for a young woman to travel alone. I feel somewhat lame asking this, but it’s just something that’s good to know :) (the one Iranian guy told me its no problem, but he’s a dude, and absolutely in love with his home country)

    • Hi Sophia! It’s neither weird nor dangerous to travel as a solo woman in Iran. Of course you should take general precautions like not wandering the streets by yourself at night etc. Also pay attention to be dressed properly. Then you should have no issue whatsoever. Actually I know of a few bloggers who went there on their own. Check out e.g. Kami at http://www.mywanderlust.pl/
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • I have visited Iran 6 times and it is a safe country, especially for women. It has many beautiful areas. The report is true. It is the most authentic report I read about Iran.

    • If you do not try to shine at 12 in the night, you will be fine. But I can tell you every where you go before 9 pm will be OK for you. But just were complete normal dress like other girls in Iran and try (just try) to be around galls. I am 100 % sure, if any problem is going to happen for you, just shout, you will see how many people come to help!

    • hi Sophia,
      You asked a very important question. I’m an Iranian and for two main reasons I would say you should Not go to Iran alone:
      1) Although Iran is much safer than what majority of foreigners think, there are still dangerous times and places you should avoid or at least be accompanied by a MAN. It’s important that you understand i’m talking about a Man not a female friend. This tremendously reduces the risks of all types. BUT, in normal times of day and night in almost everywhere a tourist might like to visit, it’s completely safe even if u’re alone. After 10-11 pm it can be dangerous to go to not so crowded places.
      2) Sometimes it becomes hard to find an Iranian who knows English really well. So I suggest you go there with at least one friend so you can enjoy your experience together, talk together, decide together, etc. You must get bored less frequently.

      The last thing: If in case u’re in trouble ask help. You will find Iranian people very helpful.

      do great and enjoy your trip.

  8. I will be so happy if/when the day comes that Americans can freely visit, outside of the current tour group-escort only rule. Otherwise I’d have already visited. Such a beautiful country and kind people. ❤

  9. Hi Veronika
    I’m glad to see you had a good trip to Iran. I’m from Esfahan. And I’ll be waiting to show you the whole city when you come back.

  10. Hi dear Veronika.We’re so happy to see that you visited Iran & liked it.Of course we get so glad to have these kind of open_minded & nice tourists like U.PLS visit north of Iran the next time.(if U like).It has beautiful jungles & sea.;-)

  11. hi dear….you are so kind…and i love this article a lot…cause i think that people in other countrys are think so bad about my country…but with this article i know that i was wrong..sorry for my weak english speaking…

    • Thank you, Nadia :) Lovely to hear from you. Now more and more travellers are exploring Iran and spreading the positive image about the country!
      Many greetings from Prague :)

  12. Hi dear thank you for this beautiful article ,its very useful and more know about Iran people and culture.I am planning to travel Iran very soon ,inshallah after 2 or 3 week .I am vary happy to say that my girl friend she is there in Iran .I am really excited to see her and that beautiful lonely planet.Please pray and wishes.
    Thanks Have a nice day

    • Hello Navaz, that’s great to hear! I’m sure it will all work out nicely and that you’ll enjoy the trip!
      And thanks for stopping by and reading :)

  13. I am Iranian,living in Tehran.
    Iran is a really good destination.I wish Iran to become one of the best countries in the world:-):-):-):-):-)

  14. hi everyone,i’m MUHAMAD ALI from Kashan, Iran;i’m 20 and studying electrical engineering at SHARIF university of technology;hopefully becoming a traveler in soon future. i’m ready to answer your questions about Iran; unbiased answers.fell free to ask your questions.
    Contact : [email protected]

  15. Hi the very sweet Veronika, I’m truely happy that you enjoyed your trip to my homeland wishing it wasn’t your last. it makes me smile when I see nice, open hearted, open minded people like you make an effort to change the often negative public view toward a country not so reputed.
    Really appreciate your positive, kind feedback.

  16. I am from yazd.Thanks a lot Veronika.people of the world should know more about Iran and they ought to change they views about Iran.

  17. Thank you Veronika for your honest and very detailed words. you surely described iranians very well. I hope Iran wouldn’t be the country of one time travel for you. I am sure there are still many places in Iran you haven’t visited

  18. Nice article, and it was nothing but the truth. I’m Iranian, but currently studying in Canada, and I hate it when people here ask me these odd questions about Iran…Like do you have access to high speed internet…does it ever rain there? they think it’s like a desert there. Then I start start a long conversation with them and fix their views x)

    • Hello Vahid, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience..! It must be challenging sometimes to answer strange questions about Iran.. but think of yourself as an ambassador! :) You are opening their eyes! And it’s always better when people ask (even stupid) questions than when they’re not interested at all..,
      Btw. it doesn’t apply to Iran only. I sometimes get strange questions about the Czech Republic too – like if we have TVs :D

  19. Hi, interesting article and it certainly sounds like you enjoyed your time. I just want to point out though that women in all other parts of the region except Saudi Arabia are allowed to drive.

  20. Hi, Happy to think like this about us, very interesting article. Foreigners think we are like Arabs or we are terrorists but it isn’t True. And I love my country by the way, Thank you for this nice article.

  21. Dear Veronika , your article is awesome.
    I’m already happy to know people are coming to visit my beautiful country I’m a freelance tour guide and I enjoy answering your questions , and I work in a an office called Pintapin , we offer all the hotels and accomodation with a good discount rate and you can also use your credit cards to book, (visa and master) .I’d be glad to help u out.

  22. You should also visit shomal in the north. Its a beachy place. We happened to go in the winter and it was snowing when we got there. They had a ski lift to the top of the mountain and it went from humid cold beach to snow on the way up. Once we reached the top there was at least a foot of snow. So much fun! Also I ate at that same restaurant in Isfahan. I think we had ab ghoosht/dz.

    • Wow, that sounds like so much fun! Ok, I’ll make sure to add Shomal for the next trip to Iran :) Thanks, Krissa! Hope you’ve enjoyed the food in Iran as much as I did :)

      • Hi.shomal is exaclly Giulan,Mazandaran and Golestan.with beautiful forest,sea. Plz search about ghale roud khan in Giulan

  23. Thanks for this article I’m persian and really happy to read this !! It shows that ppl all around the world are knowing us by the facts which we have not by the rumours, instead of the limitations we have here you should consider the fact that we iranian welcome people from all around the world as much as you respect us and if you ever traveled here i just want you all to change the wrong aspect of iran by telling the true form of us to whoever you know ; it’s too sad to see foreign ppl believe the rumours and hate us .

    • Hello Sanna, no worries, the word is already out there about the hospitality and friendliness of Iranian people :) There’s no real hatred, just ignorance, but things are slowly changing.. I think.
      Many greetings from Prague!

  24. Hi … I ‘m really happy you enjoyed of traveling to Iran. I love this article so that all of this are true about Iran. I live in Shiraz , Iran . Did you visit my city?

  25. Hello dears:)
    I’m an Iranian girl & I feel really happy about your text, actually it was great
    It was a honestly article about Iran
    Have you ever been to karaj??
    It is a city at the center of Iran
    And it’s great
    As I living:)
    I’d love to communicate with you
    Please send me an email, if you want
    And thank you again for your article
    Best wishes

  26. Hi veronika…please show people around the world that we are not odd people and love peace and kindness..and we have the most tech…tnk for your article by the way..that is really true..hope visit iran again,you should visit north I live there its amazing…mazandaran..:)

    • Hello Negar, thank you and don’t worry, people are seeing this, for now at least travellers do!
      With so many lovely Iranians commenting on this blog post I have already so many suggestions on places to go next time! Ok, adding Mazandaran to the list too ;)
      Many greetings from Prague!

  27. hi there , i live in tehran the capital of iran
    i remember once a foreigner told me ” i know you transfer with cammels and motorcycles ”
    and i was likee whaaaaaaaaaaaa……….?????????
    and it made me kinda sad and i said to myself ” o beleive me we have more mb’s and bmw’s and porsche’s in tehran than you can imagine
    make long story short
    its not so good here by the government BUT we people will keep being nice and acting nice and living nice and they can **** it
    and we realy are good with our guests SO BE OUR GUEST
    much love

    • :) Yes, people’s misconceptions are often really wild. I know that feeling, Arash! I heard somebody being really surprised to learn we have TVs in the Czech Republic! :D So don’t worry at all about it :) Your countrymen are awesome people and travellers are already spreading the positive image.

  28. hi. it was so interesting for me to know others ideas about my country,Iran. And i’m so glad i see you had enjoyed here. :) and beautiful pictures you had taken:) i really enjoyed them:)

  29. Veronika ,I’m an Iranian . Well i could say i enjoyed your article a lot actually but the thing is Many people around the world think that Iran my country is like the deserts of Arabia or something like that but the truth is our country is the most developed country in our region and the label of being a “Middle-east” Country is on us which makes me wonder Do really people Read? I mean anyone who has read a book knows that Iran is a bloody desert with people traveling around with Jips and i dont know Guns and stuff I hope that u come back soon and have more fun and bring more people with ur self …
    Sometimes its good to see some people are on the right way

  30. hiiiiiiii… i am a iranian boy and read your big text about iranian …………someting that you weite it…was so funny likely to libiral north and south…..
    i be loved to your writing………
    your website or yourself have not instagram accante??

  31. i’m Narges from Iran.
    I loved this article.
    I die to see someone saying the facts about Iran these days,you know.
    besides,you didn’t criticize our religion!(or maybe you did!I don’t think so!)
    i can tell you more about Iran if you are interested.about its history or anything:)

    • لطفا دربارهی کشورت شرک نگو
      قدر کشورت را بدون
      ایرانی اگر ایران را دوست نداشته باشد
      وای به حال ایران

    • Thank you, Narges! You’re right, I didn’t criticize the religion :) I respect each country’s culture and religion.
      Many greetings from Prague!

  32. Hi veronika ….i am a iranian painter …gerphist,,reaporter,,,,and sometimes bloger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,may i be partner with you????plzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. thank u for ur article but im from iran
    and i love my country we love our leader our country our …
    we love tourist and we dont like terroris i live at neyshabur
    we have khayyam-attar-….
    see us

  34. Hi
    All tourists are welcomed by iranian people and iranian government, I’m from tabriz, iran
    Northwest of Iran. Enjoy your stay in Iran.

  35. Thanks for your nice article and thanks for your visiting.
    You introduced my country very well.That was interesting.
    I want tell something:
    Although appearance of cities is not like Milan,Turin
    , New York , Paris , London , Tokyo etc their people are so kind.
    Your right.The family is the center of the universe for Iranians.AND
    WE ..*ARE NOT*.. ٰTERRORISTS.I can not believe that a moment.
    Just enough to come here and see the safety,kindness,beauty,
    perfect history,varied weather and hospitality.
    So the media is not everything.
    Thanks Veronika another time and thanks for reading my reply.

    • Thank you, Mohammad. I encourage all travellers to go see Iran – the beauty of the country and the friendly people. It’s not common to find such friendly and hospitable people in the world, so Iran is very unique in that.
      The main challenge is to stay like that even when more and more tourists come! I hope Iran will not become as touristy as e.g. Paris.
      Many greetings from Prague!

  36. hi veronika
    such a nice article.
    thank you for your good points about iran.
    every person has traveled to iran didnt penitent.

  37. Thanks for notifying travelers of the great country of Iran! People in our country are far away from what you hear from news or some crazy Islamic rules … Iranians are moving forward to a modern society :)

  38. well you know you hear alot of thing about iran that is not correct iran is very beautiful country with many culture i mean iran has lot of value to visit it

  39. Also the oldest and deepest Aqueduct of world exist in gonabad town of khorasan in iran
    and no body knows how it is created, even ourselfs :D
    there are different legends in local citizens about it,
    some peoples saying that it is created by the great ancient technology
    some saying its created by elvs :D
    but whatever it is, it’s Hyperphysical
    if one day you came to mashhad, come to gonabad and visit it (it’s totaly untoched so don’t forget to bring a lamp for discovering :D)

  40. hey I’m Pourya and I’m from Iran
    it really made me happy to read your article and to know your idea about my country.
    I just wanted to say that don’t listen to what media says and problems are between governments not people.

    • Hello Pourya, thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like the article. You’re so right, people to people should just be friendly no matter the politics. And that’s how I felt in Iran..

  41. Hi lovely veronika! Im from IRAN … we are really kind and we love to see you very much! some peaples who didnt came here think iran is very bad but Im not agree with them! technology is very good in IRAN for example we are the first country in asia to use smartphones !!! all of peaples who live in tehran havereally expensive mobiles! our worst mobile is Iphone 6s !
    IRAN is country of GAMERS too!!! And best country in sports in asia ( volleyball – Football)
    I hate politics! If yu live in IRAN you can download and watch all new films free for example I downloaded and wacthed ( beauty and the beast + the circle + cars 3 and …. ) after release
    believe me ! there are many celebritys in IRAN for example Shahab hosseini is winner of the oscar 2017 and can 2016 / ore mohammadreza golzar is very very very handsome !
    and there are very laxury hotels in kish too!

    see you son in IRAN ! lovely girl!!!!

    • Thanks, Mahdi! Many people already know how advanced Iran is :)
      I’ve recently watched the movie Salesman by Asghar Farhadi. Have you seen it? It’s a very good one.

  42. !Hi Im Emma I traveled to IRAN just for 1 day it was good andIts the my third comment in my life
    when I was playing in harrypotter 2th part
    Im sorry becouse I wont answer to you

  43. Hi Dear Veronika !
    I’m a 15 years old Iranian girl.
    I want to say thank u for the nice article about my country that u posted it.
    I want to add something about Shiraz my city.
    Have you ever been there?
    This is one of the most ancient cities in Iran.
    Persepolis, built by Cyrus the Great (The King Of Iran), is one of the oldest monuments of the world that is here.
    And I want to say something about our Religion.
    We are muslims but we are NOT Arab. We ARE NOT terrorist!
    Most of the people think that V R Harsh people!
    We Are not like Saudi Arabia Or Iraq!! Yeah It is truth that Women in Iran have some limitations but for us
    Women and girls are the most important sectors of society and we have a lot of educated ladies that are University professors , actress or Scientists.
    I don’t want to people we are odd or illiterate.
    Again thank U very much.
    I hope People will change their minds about Muslim countries.

    • Hello Fatemeh, thank you for stopping by, reading and writing a nice comment!
      I think people are learning more and more about Iran. So the misinformation is slowly being corrected.
      Many greetings from Prague!

  44. Hey Veronika !
    I’m an 18 year-old girl from Tehran, Iran.
    And perhaps you don’t know that when we reach 18, we have an important (very very !) university entrance exam which needs a year (or even more !) of hard studying; and for me, the exam is 4 days from now :))))
    Yes ! And I’m so stressful that I can’t keep studying right now so I was surfing on the net and it brought me here. :D
    Well… To be honest I’m kinda a world-traveller, too . But because of many reasons (like the exam) I haven’t been able to travel around the world much. Buuutt, from next week (that I’m gonna be free of any exam or highschool or such things !) I’m gonna be able to. So I kinda like to be in touch with people like you ! ( because anyway you have more exprience than me ) so if you’re intrested (which I’m a loottt :D ) maybe we can talk more and become friends :D
    (You may think “Why this girl is becoming so intimate this much soon?! ” well yeah I know, I kinda realllyyyyy like to know other people and communicate with them ) sooo, if you were intrested, let me know !
    Have a nice day Veronica ^_^

    • Hello Delaram, how did your exam go?
      I hope you nailed it and can now enjoy some travelling. Any plans to come to Prague? :)

  45. Hello, Iran is really beautiful, but its beauty is not displayed, no one knows the beauty of Iran! You can see different kinds of cultures in Iran, as if from all over the world in those people. This country is the most historic country in the world.

    • Hello Mojtaba, I see more and more of my blogger friends travelling to Iran and posting beautiful photos online. So I think the current development is quite good :)

  46. Hi veronika!
    Thank you for visit my country…
    I hope people in foreighn countries visit iran and find out we love our country.
    I realy want to everyone in world know we admire our leader.

    • Thank you Sara, yes, Iran is on top of many travellers’ lists! Be ready for all these people coming to visit! :)

  47. Im from iran and if islamic republic come down with that stuped islumic laws Iran will be a heaven in middle ease
    Good luck

  48. Hi!
    I`m an Iranian girl who read your article.
    I`m really happy that you know how kind we are.
    yes we are really hospitable and kind
    I`m always ready to help tourists who come to my city.
    I live in Isfahan and if one day you come here I can help you to have a better experiment about Iran.
    good luck.

    • Hello Sara, thank you for commenting. Personally, I’m only meeting travellers who are very interested in travelling to Iran! :)

  49. Hi sister
    Thanks for your great article.It’s very good to see a person from other country is talking about my country that nicely.As the other brothers and sisters said my country is a great country but because of other country’s goverments who are putting my people in a hard situation we have a little hard time these days.After all we know we will leave this hard days behind as we did a lot in the past.
    Again thank you so much because of your words sister
    Hope to see you one day

  50. Dear Veronika ,I enjoyed reading your post, it’s not the same as you say (this is a kind of compliment :d :d). I hope that one day all the people of the world will come to believe that the Iranians, and especially the Iranian Muslims, are from peace and friendship and not terrorists.

    • Hello Zahra, you’ll soon see how many travellers come to Iran. I’m happy to witness how the country is opening up more to tourism and how people are eager to travel there and bring back amazing memories of a beautiful land and people.

  51. Hi Veronika , thanks for answering the comments so patiently
    Im from Kermanshah(west of Iran) but live in mazandaran(north of Iran).both of them are great to be visited , greater than great for nature and history lovers .also dasht-e kavir’s night sky is marvelous i wish i could go there.as you know in modern and crowded cities there is no real sky that ancients enjoyed watching it for thousand of years…

    • Thank you for the tips, Ali! Next time I’ll come to Iran, I’ll definitely explore places more off the beaten path :)
      Greetings from Prague!

  52. Hello, my friend, I’m happy that you will continue to travel to Iran and you will visit Kurdistan this time. I look forward to your presence and other guests. This is also my ID in the telegram @kiachehr

  53. Hi, Veronica!
    I’m glad you enjoyed traveling to Iran.
    You’re country is beautiful too.
    My brother once traveled Prague for a conference and he liked your country and he talked about your adherence to the laws and your people’s height.
    So I would love to travel to your country once.

    • Hello Javad, thank you for your nice comment! You should definitely come! If I remember it correctly, I think Czechs are the 4th tallest nation in Europe :) The Netherlands is a clear no. 1 :)
      Many greetings from Prague!

  54. Hi veronika
    Thanks for your visit
    Im from tehran^iran
    I read all coments.my people just have love and love and love to all world peoples and they just want show this to world ”we are NOT terorist”
    ”We are NOT arab”
    Thanks again❤

    • Hello Amir, thanks for your comment. I think more and more people are now learning about Iran, its unique history and seeing the local hospitality and friendliness. More travellers will be coming, for sure!
      Greetings from Prague :)

  55. Hi Veronika
    My name is Ali
    I have been living in Iran Isfahan for 45 years.
    you describe Iran very well .
    thank you so much for the great article about Iran and specially Isfahan.

  56. hey everyone
    I am Mohammad from Iran. if you came to Iran ever again,I suggest you visit north of Tehran province(if you want to see more modern places).
    And visit north provinces of Iran (like Mazandaran,Gilan and Golestan) if you want to visit more impressive places.

    • Slam ,I am adnan from pakistan, !as you know that fif type % 0 urdu words are persian, so we can easily understand persian, although I have learned world most sweet language, I love iran very much, I have immense desire to visit iran but first want to make friends there, who gr3t me there after all I love iran& iranian

  57. Hello every one as you read the comments Iran has a lot of amazing places that you can not find like them anywhere
    If you travel to Iran don’t forget to visit places like Alisadr Cave(the largest water cave in the world) – Persepolis(Takht-e-Jamshid)…
    you can find so beautifull pictures on the net.
    Iran has so different climats in the north there is a lot of rain, forests and the sea but in the middle of Iran you can find hot deserts like Lut desert and in the south there is another climat.
    I invite you to visit this special country.

    Your welcome never wears out

  58. Fantastic article and highly accurate. Iranians are indeed very hospitable, friendly, family-oriented. Just the type of culture you’d want to visit as a stranger. You’ll be able to feel right at home very quickly. Iran as a whole is a phenomenal tourist destination, boasting something for every type of tourist, including ancient and historical ruins (such as Takhteh Jamsheed), awe-inspiring examples of innovative architecture (such as the ones found in Isfahan, Shiraz, and many other Iranian cities), a wide variety of climates suitable for all types of outdoor activity, such as skiing in the north, hiking (all over), swimming and all water sports (The Caspian), amazing food tours, cultural sites, outdoor markets, and generally, the kindest, friendliest people with a great sense of humor about their history as well as their present conditions. (Just one correction: The Islamic revolution happened in 1979 not 1978.) Kudos, Veronika, for writing such an informative travel piece!

    • Salam saba, the morning wind, I am from pakistan I have learned persian, what a alanguage,8 am just planning to take admission in any university in iran only to l8 very with such a great people

  59. Hi dear veronika. thanks a lot about this amazing article. if you came to Iran ever again,I suggest you visit shiraz persepolis and pasargad. …I promise you do not regret
    good luck

  60. Some things are not correct in your article babe …
    i live in iran , and i travel to 25 different famous countries…..
    but i think here is wonderful….

  61. hi im from iran and my english is bad when i travel around the wrld i always heard some things like iranians are terrorist and ………

    • Hi Cyrus, I don’t know where you travel but travellers are definitely not saying that… People are nowadays coming to Iran and experiencing it and spreading good word..

  62. What a great article! This is one of the countries I dream of visiting one day. The Persian cultural heritage is amazing. Everyone who went, keeps saying it’s a wonderful country with the friendliest people ever. So sad that the media keep pushing all these stories about “the dangerous Iran” and so many people are afraid of visiting. But as you say, on the other hand the fact it’s not crowded is great. Need to hurry up… still have to convince my hubby to go, he’s not sharing my excitement… lol

    • Anna, so happy you have this positive attitude, hope your hubby will soon agree to go! :) Or just go with friends like I did ;) Iran is an amazing country and one can experience so much! The locals are the sweetest. And very appreciative when someone speaks good of their country, judging from all these comments :)
      Fingers crossed you’ll get to visit Iran soon!

  63. oh I was so excited to read all the things you wrote about my country N Iranians
    im so happy now cuz I thought people from other countries don’t like Iran.
    thank you for your perfect blog I even enjoyed reading that :)
    and plz apologize me for my bad English

    • Hello Sara! Thank you for stopping by and reading :) No worries, I’m meeting more and more travellers who have been to Iran or plan to go. Your country is becoming popular among travellers!
      Your English is great btw!
      Greetings from Prague :)

  64. Iranian Hospitality, An unforgettable part of your trip
    Hospitality in Iran is unlimited; it goes “to infinity and beyond”.
    The Iranians believe that the guest is a gift from God, So the guest will bring blessings to the house.For this reason, the Iranians are very interested in the guests and welcome guests very much and they cherish them like a precious jewel.

    • Thank you, that explains the hospitality very well :) It’s a lovely treat of the Iranians and one I hope people will keep even once Iran becomes more touristy.

  65. Thank you for your very good article.

    I am from Iran and I like it very much. Iran is one of the safest countries.

    Although many of its neighboring countries are fighting, but here the situation is quite calm and safe.

    Iran also has several thousand years of honors and civilization.

    Every time I think about the misconceptions of people outside Iran about Iran, I feel very sorry.

    I hope you change your people’s thinking about Iran in your country. Thank you

    • Hello Paria, thank you for reading my article and commenting. Don’t worry, true travellers know what it’s like in Iran or are just about to discover it :)
      Many greetings from Prague!

  66. Hi guys , I am a iranian , and I want to say that iran have best nature , and his people are kind , and I hope that you change your people’s Thinking about our , And all people know that iranian not terrorist but they know that they are kind

    • Hello Mahdi, many travellers I’ve met already know how kind Iranians are and how beautiful the country is.
      Sending greetings from Prague!

  67. hi. i am iranian . just i say we are not terorist . this is a big lie. My suggestion is to travel to Rasht. Mazandaran Esfahan . Shiraz

    ty for fair post

    • Hello! I already visited Yazd and liked it very much :) Thank you for your suggestion on what other places to visit. I’ll have so much for my next trip! :)

  68. Despite the tyranny of government, widespread government corruption and discrimination and poverty, the Iranian people are one of the most welcoming nations.

    • Hello Yavar, I tried everything I could! :) My favorite was Khoresh Bademjan. Then anything with pomegranate in it, the yum saffron rice.. and Gaz! :)

      • I’m originally from the beautiful north of Iran,Gilan,Rasht ,which is famous for its diversity of yummy dishes!I know how to make stuffed eggplant(bademjoon shekampor) and stuffed chicken,two of the famous Northern dishes which are to die for!Served with rice grown in Rasht and saffron grown in farms of Neishabour ,where I live!
        Visiting Iran,let me know:
        [email protected] com
        Visit Rasht for food that are finger-licking good.Go to Fuman and see Rudkhan castle.Go to green Lahijan and drink its tea served with special cookies,visit its tea and rice farms and take amazing picturrs(in spring )!All situated in beautiful Gilan!
        MUST SEE IRAN…..

  69. I’m iranian and i tell you everything in this article is true but if you ask any iranian about their government he/she will tell you i hate my country i hope the relationship between iran and west become better.

  70. Hello veronika. im iranian and i live in esfahan. its an interesting article and iran is historical and beautiful country for travel and tourist. i hope you come back to iran and the see beautiful places in iran .
    with best wishes

  71. Hi
    I have to say we are proud of our country and our leader .
    I suggest you to visit iran . It’s safe and advanced and great country .

    • Thanks, I’ve already been there and I’m sure many of the readers here are planning their visit soon :)

  72. Well, it was cool that your opinion was so close to our senses. In any case, I wish peace and kindness and smile to all the world.
    Monsieur Veronica. I’d be happy to see if you came back

  73. I’m Iranian . I’m so glad that see how your are thinking about Iran and Iranian . Our people are really so nice and kind.we really love each other . Iran has different beautiful places to see .come to Iran and see what some news tell about us are not true.iran is safe and we live well. We are Muslims and pray god(allah) we are not terrorism and we love people all over the world.

    • Thank you Maryam, No worries, many more travellers are heading to Iran, you’ll soon see more tourists in Iranian cities :)

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed reading my article and all the positive comments here :) This article has become the most commented one on my blog, as so many Iranians are concerned how people in other countries see Iran. But fortunately, it’s not that bad at all! The image of Iran, especially as a travel destination, is very positive and people are eager to visit :)

  74. You’re so right.
    Oh Iran. That lovely Country. I loved it there when I traveled there 4 years ago. I stayed for about 60 days and traveled to many cities in there.
    Shiraz was awesome. So special! So were Isfahan and Tehran but Shiraz was just something else! OMG the this country’s nature is amazing. In my travel to North of Iran Or as locals usually call it Shomal, I practically wanted to record every bit of the nature. People there have a hospitality hardly similar to any other. I’m really sad about what the social media through the world are making them looking like terrorists or wild people.
    Of course, as in every other country I’ve been, there were dangerous areas with dangerous people. but not alot. They are very generous and proud people with a country with a civilization sooo old
    and sooo rich. Probably one of the firsts in civilization. It’s safe there if one be cautious like being in everywhere. actually Surely far more safer than America and many many other countries. People are so deep and understanding there.
    I will definitely go there again. Couldn’t get enough!

  75. If you come to Iran as a not muslim person, you have so great time to search and know more about Islam and even you may change your whole idea for your whole life when you become familiar with it. Its so much lovely logical and completed

  76. Hi veronika:)
    I’m a Iranian girl and all of them that you see, are true.
    Thanks for your idea about my country. Girls Iranian are very biutifull ! Very very. But in your photos, note biutifull.
    And thanks for your travel to my country Iran. :)
    Again come to Iran. Come to my city, bojnord.
    Bay bay my friends.

    • Hello Atousa, thank you for stopping by! It’s hard to do street photography in Iran, I didn’t want to offend anyone by putting the camera in their face :) I’m not the best photographer either.
      Thank you for your tip, I’ve never heard of Bojnord! So many places to see on my next trip :)
      Many greetings from Prague!

      • Hi veronika. I would be so thankful if you consider coming to rasht this time you came to iran. The city is awesome , it has many places to see and this city never sleeps. I mean you can go out like 2 am and still you see lots of people in the street laughing and telling jokes and sometimes (not at winter probabley) eating ice cream.
        The best place you can go is the Municipality building.
        It’s famous of shanzelize of iran and it’s seriously good.
        I am living in tehran but i have been there once or twice.
        Wish you a happy trip.

  77. Dear Veronika:
    I live in Neishabour,North-Eastern Iran.A city with a really rich historical background.(You can simply google it apart from the many source books about the history of Old Neishabour including “The Patricians of Nishapur” by professor Richard Bulliet).
    All tourists are cordially invited to Neishabur,the homeland of Khayam: the world famous astronomer,mathemetician,mystic and poet!
    The homeland of Attar,prominent poet and herbalist!
    On top of that ,Neishabiur is famous worldwide for its fantastic turquoise and saffron!
    By the way ,don’t forget to enjoy the wonders of Iranian traditional medicine based on the teaching of Abu Ali Sina!(You can find the professional doctors in Tehran who will tell you what’s going on in your body by just taking your pulse and cure you by herbal organic medicine and your FOOD!)
    You ‘ll be amazed at the number of traditional herbalist’s all aver Neishabur,including my husband!This is a heritage left by Attar to Neishaburies!
    Everyone visiting the city can contact me for more information and to have a blast here!!
    [email protected]
    By the way,It’s my wish to visit picturesque Prague!I’m saving money for it!
    Love from amazing Iran to the whole world…

  78. Dear Veronica,
    Thank you for your wonderful post. I am happy that you have enjoyed your stay. If you ever decide to come back here, you should definitely give a visit to Rasht, Guilan. We call ourselves the capital of food. There is no way you could walk a street without bumping into a restaurant. We have our own culture when in comes to food. That’s of course, if you have an intrest about food. People here have a insomnia unlike you’ve ever seen. We stay up all night (sometimes for fun) driving around the city (but mostly the young ones). Goulsar, a popular area in Rasht is crowded with people at all hours of the day. It has many boutiques and restaurants and places that are similar to starbucks. I myself have never traveled to other countries because my father believes that i should get to know my country first. Well i have, and based on my experience, you should definitely go to Lahijan. It’s a beautiful city with an amazing view to the whole city. We call it Bam-e-Lahijan. Guilan is one of the best states for its beautiful environment and waterfalls and lakes ,etc. As for shopping, you should definitely visit Mazandaran. Not only the beach there is absolutely gourges, but also there are tons of malls out there. You could have a taste of both worlds.
    From your article, I figured that you didn’t get a chance to visit north. Well we would love it for you to visit.
    Sorry for writing so much and taking your time.

    • Thank you Saba! I see, another vote for Rasht and the North of Iran, well noted! Everyone commenting here is giving me such great tips for the next trip :) I really appreciate it!

  79. Hey guys wtsp?
    Thank u for your honoring beautiful article about Iran and the fact that u should probably choose Iran as a preferable travel destination is agreed
    I am an iranian & i know other languages so as I was reading this article I thought I would leave a little comment.
    Tnx and hope we would receive your visit

  80. hellow im a iranian and so happy and grateful of the article’s writer “veronika”.
    you know most of the wastern peaple are thinking that iran is a terrorist and raugh country but with this article reader’s will see what the iran realy is.
    i wish someday all the world find iran as a good country.

    • Hello Mohammad, thank you for reading, don’t worry – many people already know what Iran and Iranians are truly like.

  81. Hello dear veronika , I am really thankful of your kind post about iran and It’s people , Its not normal to see a site which shows the truth about iranian people in western sites and also the post is supported for over than 3 years , I hope you’re fine in where ever you are

    • Hello Kian, I have many travel blogger friends who also loved travelling to Iran :) So there is something on the internet :) I love how everyone is appreciating hearing good things about the Iranians, it’s my most commented article on this site! Many greetings from Prague, Czech Republic :)

  82. Hello my kind hearted friend “veronika” and other friends,Im really happy to see this real article.Im Iranian;Im from shiraz with many beautiful and historical places.as a matter of fact I
    really love tourists from all over the world and I try to communicate with them and I have been sucssessful to be their friend and help them to know Iran fair.Iranian people have lots of problems but they arent the most nervous or depressed
    people in the global.so I suggest you to come to iran and see everything by your beautiful eyes then judge…thank you my dear, veronika.I will be happy to know you more and more.
    Wish to meet you.

    • Hello Zahra! That’s so nice to hear you enjoy meeting tourists. We met several Iranians like that – just on the street, starting a chat and then even ending up going on a trip together :) I found the hospitality to be like nowhere else I had travelled before. I hope you all keep this trait :)
      Many greetings to Shiraz, I loved it there!

  83. hey Veronika!! it was a awsome explation that you wrote about iran.. im 15 and im iranian but i haven’t thought about our country like that … anyway when you don’t live in somewhere you can’t see the issues of there too ! im proud to be irainian but i love to travel somewhere in europe or america and live there… and thats why i’ve been trining english since i was 8. i mean … anybody has to have his/her own dreams and thats mine!!

    and tahler be sure that people love americans and the others … and the problems that you see in tv or other things are just becuse of the goverments . Its not the people :) ok then i wrote so much . ops…. :)

    • Hello Hossein, good job on the English level, I think you have a good chance to travel and perhaps even live somewhere else, if you’ll wish so.

      We met a 15 y.o. Iranian in Esfahan who also spoke very good English and was keen to meet us. That was fun and unique :)

      Good luck with your studies and all the best for you.

  84. Hi Veronika.
    Thanks a bunch for your kind comments about Iran and amazing page. You’re really a great help for those who are traveling to Iran by giving a real image of people and their culture. I’m a licensed Tour/Driver Guide for must-see Alamut Region in Qazvin Province and I’ll be honored to introduce our region and The Valley of The Assassins for travelers who choose Iran and Alamut as one of their destinations.

    • Hello Fayyaz, thank you for your nice words. I haven’t been to Alamut yet, so perhaps I’ll see you in the future when I return to Iran :)

  85. Hi
    It’s wonderful to see all that compliments about our country (is it OK if I say ours? Because most of comments are by iranians)
    And thank you all
    And just a quick question for the ones who understand: چرا همه یرانی هستن؟

  86. Hi
    Thanks for telling the truth.
    As you said we divide our history, we have reason for that!
    Because of the natural riches in our land(like oil, metals, etc.) and strategic location of our country (like perian gulf, Strait of Hormuz, being close to Russia, etc.) western and Eastern powers tried to control it, in order to do that they always had to destroy a strong stronghold, the ancient culture of iran.
    In about 1300 years ago Islam came to Iran and it came with military force.
    If you read Iran’s history you will see that every foreign nation that invaded Iran and took over the control dissolved in Iranian culture from 2500 years ago that the Alexander attacked Iran or when Genghis Khan and his Successors almost destroyed Iran, uor people didn’t accept the foreign culture not even by force.
    But Islam was the only one that we accepted and made it a part of our culture.
    And as you noticed we love our culture and respect other cultures but we don’t like those how try to destroy it.
    As you said we respect and love our foreign gessts❤️ like one of ours sometimes even more.
    How the Iranian women dresses may look weird to you but it’s been like that even before Islam enters the Iran and it was a part of our ancient culture.
    I hope no one take this the wrong way if my way of saying looks like it mixed with anger, it’s only because I’m not good with writing and this is English so it definitely should be a mess

    I love to see all your beautiful countries and know more about your culture so I can learn more.

    let’s wish politic and grid in the world will be destroyed so all nations in world be in peace, be more connected, and free to choose the way of their life
    love you all. ❤️❤️

    • Hello Parichehr, thank you for expressing your views and opinions. You speak like many people we’ve come across in Iran. Greetings from Prague!

  87. Hey
    I congratulate you on your choice of your trip to Iran I think you did not get to know Hamedan Hamedan is one of the oldest cities in the world. (1100 BCE)
    Dear Veronica If you or any of the tourists around the world are planning to travel to Iran, in addition to cities like Shiraz and Isfahan and the northern towns, you can also choose Hamedan as a fun destination for your trips.
    Hamadan has unique attractions such as the Natural Indoor, the unique Alisadr Cave, the underground villages, the monuments and the unique climate.
    Hope to meet you friend

  88. Hi
    I’m happy to see that, thank you for coming Iran and we also glad if We see you again in Iran.
    Here in Iran, We have so much pretty cities like Lorestan, Tabriz, Kish, Mazandaran and…
    And every cities in Iran had a lot of place to see.
    You can search that in Wikipedia before you come.
    And Iran is chip because a worker in Iran gives just 100 dollars in month…
    Sorry about my language because my English language is not well but I’m trying to improve that…
    And in the end, yes, Iran is great country but it will better If people in Iran has no problems like money, government forces or war.
    I don’t know You know or not but Persian people are so depressed…
    Depressed people with big hearts…
    Sorry about my sad comment❤

  89. hi
    I agree with you. IRAN is a great country with great Culture and history.
    I suggest you to visit my country .
    The important thing to keep in mind is to ignore media propaganda against my country.
    We love all the guests. This is in our culture and religion.
    I hope you have a nice trip to Iran.

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