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How to Travel Offline With iPhone Maps

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Getting lost abroad is a very common thing. Not all of us are used to getting a physical map of the location we’re visiting and we don’t always buy Lonely Planets or other guidebooks.

Let me share a trick with you on how to engage your iPhone. All without any internet at your destination. The wifi is not available everywhere and who’d like to pay the usually crazy roaming charges, right?

Before going abroad, check out the area you intend to visit in your Maps app. You can also already drop a pin to mark the location where you’ll be staying to help you in orientation (although dropping a pin can be done offline as well).

In that way the area gets stored in the memory of your iPhone maps and can later be accessed even when you’re fully offline! You can zoom in and out and will still be able to see streets and pins.

I use the iPhone maps now for this very often, even though I usually have some kind of a physical map as well. Street names are not always marked very well and it’s easy to lose sight of where the north is. The iPhone is of a great help, as the GPS will still be able to show you the directions to your pin, as well as where the compass points are. It works really well and it saved me from getting lost a number of times already.

Android users among you – try this with your map app and let us know if it works as well! Travel made easy!

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Monday 26th of May 2014

Thanks Elaine..! Btw. you got a really cool domain name :)


Monday 26th of May 2014

Doing this just before leaving the hostel or hotel seems like a great idea ... thanks for the reminder!


Friday 16th of May 2014

Hello Nico, thanks for your comment! I'll definitely try it out. The more tools we can use for travel offline, the better ;)


Friday 16th of May 2014

I used to do this, then I discovered the "OK Maps" tips from google map. :-) On IOS and Android google map apps, you can enter "OK Maps" in the search prompt. This will save the current area of map being dispayed in the app (including all zoom level !!) for offline use ! :-)