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Get inspired while travelling, go see a local TEDx event!

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I went to Prague’s TEDx conference last Saturday and found it a great source of inspiration as well as a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people. Then it hit me…. why not to go see local TEDx events around the world when I’m abroad?

TEDx events are not only about the talks, but also about the audience.

Sometimes when you travel to new cities it’s difficult to meet locals, especially if you’re not staying in a hostel. TEDx is a great venue to meet open-minded people. Most of the attendees are easily approachable and definitely worth talking to!

The organizers are great at producing a strong line-up of speakers, cultural performances, side activities, carefully-picked TED videos, as well as providing mingling opportunities with a fun crowd. You can just approach also any of the speakers if you want to discuss their topic in more detail.

And have I mentioned the after-party yet? The bigger TEDx events usually feature evening programs with concerts, DJs, and parties in local clubs. So even you party animals will be satisfied :) 

The speakers at the conferences are mostly locals who speak the native language of the country you are in. However, most of the bigger conferences also have a few foreign speakers and provide headphones so you can listen to everything translated into English.

So when planning your next trip, check and see if there’s a TEDx event happening at your destination. It’s a great add-on on any trip, you’ll just need one whole day to spare.

Tickets are not sold on the day of the event and should be purchased in advance using their online form.

You can check upcoming conference dates and availability here:  http://www.ted.com/tedx/events

Let me know if you have had any good experiences at a TEDx event recently. I’d love to hear about it!


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