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How I’ve Got to Exhibit in Peru and Travel Through Art

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I have been very passionate about drawing and art since childhood, but never thought of exhibiting or selling my pictures. I was always doing it just because I simply loved it and I would never have imagined that one day I would have exhibitions is Rio de Janeiro, Berlin or Cusco… however anything is possible. You just have to open your heart and follow it. Following my love for traveling and art, took me all the way to this amazing Peruvian city and I realized once again, that coincidence really doesn’t exist.

The Story Behind

I was spending New Years Eve 2013 in Cusco, Peru with a friend of mine and we both got tattoos from an amazing local tattoo artist named Abel Zamora. We asked him about some nice bars, because we had no plans on where to spend the evening, and he recommended a café to us.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find it and but we ended up in a beautiful art café, thanks to a guy on the street who lured us in. We were amazed and totally fell in love with the place! It’s called Laggart Café Cultural. It’s beautifully decorated with some great artwork and the food is totally delicious. That night, I told to myself: What a dream it would be to exhibit here one day!

Laggart Cafe

The beautiful artsy Laggart Café in Cusco, Peru

What happened next was far from a coincidence!

We realized this WAS actually the nice bar Abel told us about! But that’s not all. Several weeks after the trip, Kendrick, who owned Laggart Café (actually the one who invited us in) turned out to be a guy I met 5 years ago in Montanitas, Ecuador. We found out about it when my friend put a photo of us on Facebook from the café, he commented on it, we started chatting and I looked at his photos. I didn’t recognize him at first, because back in Montanitas he looked like a hippie with long hair and now he was an elegant man in a shirt and bow tie.

We started chatting about art and exhibitions. Kendrick liked my previous art exhibition “3 Graces” and asked me if I would like to have similar exhibition in his café! So my dream came true. On top of that, the concept of my “3 Graces” exhibition was actually very connected with Peru.

3 Graces

That’s me with my 3 Graces

Preparing My Peru Exhibition

We set the date for July 2014 and I started preparing the concept. Kendrick wanted me to create 15 drawings in the style of my previous “3 Graces”. I decided to work with [highlight]5[/highlight] models and style each of them three times like the “3 Graces”. That’s when I realized that I know exactly [highlight]5[/highlight] women because of Peru. It was also to be my [highlight]5th[/highlight] trip to Peru in the last [highlight]5[/highlight] years.

To make each Grace original and different, I asked the models to bring some artifacts from Peru that are important for them and asked them about 3 main things that Peru symbolizes for them. I photographed each with their artifacts, added the Peru symbols and placed the strongest one in the middle.

Are you curious about the end result? Here’s a sneak peek:


These are my Graces ready for the exhibition.. for details head to my Facebook page!

Who my Graces are and how I finally implemented the exhibition is explained here: Las 3 GRAC1A5″ Exhibition Concept

So this is the story of my art exhibition in Peru, but believe it or not, almost all of my exhibitions or pictures are always connected with some incredible story behind.

If you are interested in more from my artworld, you can find my Facebook page here

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Wednesday 24th of December 2014

Very cool! It seems like this was just destined to happen.


Thursday 18th of December 2014

Nice! Sometimes wishes do come true! I´m so glad you managed to do it! And your Graces look great. Congratulations!


Sunday 21st of December 2014

Thank you so much, Elena!!! :)